5 Video Game Franchises That Need To Rise From The Dead

GP writer Jared discusses five franchises that have been dormant for too long.

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TrendyGamers1842d ago

Totally agree with Timesplitters.

WeskerChildReborned1842d ago

Timesplitters has to come back, those games were awesome and i hope they are planning one for this gen or next.

Septic1842d ago

Timesplitters is definitely a missed opportunity.

What about Vigilante 8? Remember that? Second Offence was even better! So much fun.

Power Stone- another gem that was so much fun.

jimbobwahey1842d ago

@Septic If you want a good car combat game like Vigilante 8, check out the Twisted Metal game that was released for PS3 a few months ago, it's absolutely fantastic.

As for me personally, I'd love to see a HD re-release of Powerstone 2, along with a bundle containing Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2.

Regarding gaming franchises that need to rise from the dead, I think a new Burnout game would be really nice!

Septic1841d ago


I've already got Twisted Metal. It's a great game but Vigilante 8 was different. In second offence you could modify your cars to make some crazy creations and the game was downright hilarious.

The level design was brilliant; the ski resort map where you could go up the ski ramp and rapidly drive (fly) down or the 50's desert level with the outdoor cinema where you could bring down a bloody meteor! And inside it was a massive alien ant that would destroy you if you got close.

Even the car designs were absolutely brilliant like the thr car with the claws that grabs enemies or the one which you could upgrade that radical went through anything. So much fun.

Oh and F Zero X! That needs to be remade! Imagine, 30 players online in that game! The soundtrack and level design plus the blistering speed....Nintendo make it happen!

darthv721841d ago

"Rise from your grave"

That game needs a real current gen sequel or remake.

SEGA had some great franchises like Fantasy Zone and Alex Kid and Wonder Boy. If we are talking old school remakes then those are some classics that are getting passed over.

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Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder1842d ago

That was like the fisrt fps i ever played and loved

Freak of Nature1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Along with Timesplitters I would add high up on my most wanted list another Oddworld Inhabitants IP...


Dark Cloud 3

Jax and Daxter full scale next gen return...

Soul reaver

Captain Qwark 91841d ago

that is a fantastic list, id add jet moto to it though and of course, the chrono series

Lvl_up_gamer1841d ago

I have been begging Sony to release a new current gen Get Moto game for years. When they released Wipeout HD I thought forsure Jet Moto was on the way.

nerdkiller1842d ago

road rash, rampage,battle chess

ConstipatedGorilla1842d ago

My friend and I were just talking about Road Rash a couple of days ago. Can't understand why we haven't seen an update in forever.

loki521842d ago

another road rash would be awesome. so fun. another rallisport challenge would be great. i don't own a 360 but i would buy one for a new rallisport. jet moto needs to come back

inb4its2late1841d ago

ROAD RASH all the way!!!!

Ranma11841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

I want any of these back:

Dark Cloud
Chrono Trigger
Shadow Hearts
Final Fantasy Tactics
Ogre Battle
Jet Force Gemini
Syphon Filter
Panzer Dragoon/Lengend of Dragoon
Shining series
Killer Instinct



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napoleon10661842d ago

Dungeon Keeper! That's what I'm talking about.

amaguli1842d ago

Very good list. I would add Tenchu and Dino Crisis to mix as well.

Ck1x1842d ago

Omg dude I had forgotten all about Dino Crisis! Could you imagine that game today? Great choice though for sure...

FACTUAL evidence1842d ago

Did you forget who's the publisher for Dino crisis?!

garos821842d ago

lol i was gonna mention onimusha but nevermind :)

Hellsvacancy1842d ago

I was going to add Tenchu, LOVED the original

PhoenixRising371842d ago

Star Wars battlefront.

Mirror's Edge. I'm just afraid that DICE is gonna stick with MoH/BF for the next 5 years and not bother this game.

genius1841d ago

( vagrant story ) its a great great game and great story and puzzle and great combat system and weapon i love those days when i play this game

ToZanarkand861841d ago

Whats that gotta do with Shenmue?