Pro Evolution Drives Konami Sales, Profit Rise In Third Quarter

Konami has announced total corporate sales up slightly to $902.1 million and profits up 22.7 percent to $109 million in its third quarter, as Winning Eleven and its Pawapuro baseball franchise pushes game division sales up to $1.33 billion in its first nine months.

Game division sales were up nine percent over the same nine month period in 2006, ending December 31st. Total corporate sales over those nine months rose 8.1 percent to $2.16 billion, as profits rose 22.8 percent to $168.3 million.

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Lucreto3699d ago

Good for them.

Please announce Suikoden 6 for PS3.

Blankman3699d ago

why not invest some of that profit into real next gen pes nxt yr. What happened to the rumors of full lisencing huhn. Konami get on your game