Black Prophecy will be closing its doors

Black Prophecy will be closing its doors on September 26th, 2012. After August 29th, it will no longer be possible to purchase KK$, the Black Prophecy in-game cash currency. Players who have purchased KK$ in the past 6 months and still have KK$ in their account will receive an email with a voucher code that can be applied with any other gamigo title, such as Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict. On top of this, players will still have access to their remaining in-game funds and are free to use them until the closing of the servers.

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JsonHenry2258d ago

Why have I never heard of this game until now?!

GillHarrison2258d ago

This company is obviously no good at advertising their title.

RickHiggity2258d ago

I guess with good reason considering no one here has even heard of them or their game.

DeadlyFire2257d ago

Wow you guys suck. This thing was released last year!

A subscription model kept me away from buying though. Why pack a flat rate when I only game a few days of the week at most. Not many MMO projects have ever been smart about their money. They always push to be like WoW, but that only works if you grab a large crowd from the start. There are hundreds of other ways to make money off people in MMO games.

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