Dead Space 3 interview: "Our biggest challenge is keeping things fresh"

CVG: Recently, we had the good fortune to sit down with Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on gruesome alien-ripper Dead Space 3 and general manager of developer Visceral Games.

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Hazmat131836d ago

cant wait for Dead Space 3!

No_Pantaloons1836d ago

multiplayer and cover shooting is totally fresh. I've been waiting for something like that to come out.

ame221836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

That doesn't mean you go and add a co-op mode.

FlairSomewhere1836d ago

It adds on to the single-player experience, I think.
A death match would feel tacked on.
This is different, be ause you simply have the choice.
You can't just add or remove Sheva from Resident Evil 5.

Lucretia1836d ago

one easy way to keep things fresh is to have more enemy types. seriously, DS1 had like 4 enemies, and DS2 had like 6.

its pathetic honestly