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"Mark of the Ninja is Klei Entertainment's newest title that places you in the shoes of a powerful ninja chosen to save his clan in a dire time of need. Klei is the award winning development company behind other great downloadable titles such as Shank and Shank 2, and the artistic design and many gameplay choices from these older titles are definitely reflective in the final release of Mark of the Ninja. Where Mark of the Ninja separates itself from other Klei games is that it is first and foremost a 2D stealth game."

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Sabrina_Holmes2086d ago

Reminds me of Deadlight. Ninja style

TifaLockheart2086d ago

It does look similar. I will need to download it. Thanks for posting this.

StonedGazers2086d ago

I was debating if I should get this or not..... you may of swayed me towards getting it

Trenta272086d ago

Signs of a good reporter.

SpelunkyJunkie2086d ago

I just tried this game after reading the review, and it's amazing! I never really liked Shank, so I was a bit skeptical, but it's a really well done game. Will definitely purchase it soon.

Perjoss2086d ago

Reviews are great, I'm always impressed when a reviewer goes into detail why he liked the game and mentions the finer details of how the controls feel. But if you're still unsure you could always try the demo too.

kragg2086d ago

So far have been hearing this is a pretty rad 2D stealth game.