Crysis 2 DX11 1080p Radeon HD 7870 vs. GeForce GTX 660 Ti Video

Eurogamer compare the Radeon HD 7870 to the GeForce GTX 660 Ti Video to determine which is better for gaming.

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RedDeadLB2283d ago

And yet the 660ti leads the HD7870 in Battlefield 3 by ~30fps at 1680x1050. Similar in Arkham City.

CaptCalvin2283d ago

Could be because Crysis 2 uses tessellation a lot more. Battlefield 3 doesn't even use tessellation.

RedDeadLB2283d ago

It uses tessellation on the terrain. Crysis uses tessellation on everything, it's a bit overdone if you ask me.

Irishguy952283d ago

They have their ups and downs depending on the games.

RedDeadLB2283d ago

I'd be happy with either one of those TBH

SteamFrostedEgg2283d ago

I own a MSI GTX660Ti Power Edition which I have running at around 1200Mhz Core Speed and I play Crysis 2 at 60fps solid with everything on Ultra, temps average at 50C. I see more people comparing the 660Ti with a 7970 than a 7870.

Eurogamer must have got their hands on the lower end of the 660Ti. Either that or they don't have a great overall system.

RedDeadLB2283d ago

I don't know about the 7970 comparisons but most I have seen have the 660ti trading blows with the HD7950. Which is fair to be honest, because they are similarly priced.

Kurylo3d2283d ago

Only if u wanna compare it with physx enabled. Nvidia cards are higher priced because they offer more. Simply put nothing from amd can do physx... so of course they gotta lower their price point.

Treian2283d ago

I have a 550 TI now. I want to upgrade this holiday season. Is there a big difference between the 560 TI and 660 TI?

RedDeadLB2283d ago

There's a big difference in both price and performance. But go for the 660.

Sarcasm2283d ago

Yes, pretty huge difference. Except that the 660Ti is double the price of a 550Ti. So relatively to price/performance you cant really compare the two.

Mr Tretton2283d ago

@Sarcasm, 660TI is not double the price of the 550TI, it's only 60-80 bucks more depending on model.

550TI 2GB at newegg is 240, 660TI 2GB is 300-310

Get the 660TI, it's more powerful and better overall than even the 580 which is still like 450 bucks.

MSI 2GB Superclocked edition, 310 at newegg. That's the one everyone is getting. I'd go for that.

ABizzel12283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

You might as well save the extra $100 and get the 670. It's a much better card and the better deal in the long run.

DivineAssault 2283d ago

there both good.. nothing to complain about really

CryWolf2283d ago

Both cards hit the highest benchmark on Crysis 2 but seeing the game in action on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 660 Ti makes the game looks a little bit more sharper then AMD/ATI Radeon HD 7870 graphics card.

dirthurts2283d ago

I've been using the 7870, runs like a beast. I'm sure the Nvidia card is a great buy as well.
I choose AMD because the build in HDMI sound processing is actually quite good. Supports 7.1 surround, and sounds great.

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