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"Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the last game in the PlayStation Network Play promotion for 2012 and an updated version to a classic online, PC, first-person shooter series, and while this makes it the perfect game for those hardcore fans that have refused to move on from the old series, it won’t exactly reverberate so well with a good majority of fans."

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TifaLockheart2260d ago

I remember playing counterstrike on PC. Talk about one of the funnest games ever!

Sabrina_Holmes2260d ago

I can't believe I missed this game. Great article.

amandadyar2260d ago

Yeah I use to play it with my brothers back on PC too. I really enjoyed it on PS3.

LOGICWINS2260d ago

Shame. Nearly everyone has said that this game doesn't implement Move very well. Thx for the heads up Amanda. I'll be using my next $15 towards KZ3 MP instead.

Allsystemgamer2260d ago

If you even thought for a second using move was a good idea in a counter strike game you are most certainly doing it 100% wrong.

LOGICWINS2260d ago

Ummm...okaaay. Thx, I guess.

SpelunkyJunkie2260d ago

Perhaps if a Counter Strike game was built specifically for PlayStation Move, you could have a good game on your hands. Still really like this game though.

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