The Creation Revolution

Andreas Varotsis, VGTODAY writes: "Remember when indie games didn’t really mean anything to anybody? You knew that one guy with the pirated copy of Uplink, but XBLA wasn’t around yet, Steam was only an updater for Counterstrike and Half Life, and Humble Bundles hadn’t come to maraud our wallets.

It wasn’t so long ago – before 2005, indie games were, mostly, just that: small, bizarre, low budget and very niche. Indie gaming companies existed, and some had actually done rather well – Introversion had been around since 2000, and others like Spiderweb had been around far longer – but it would be years before the average gamer started buying into them. Brick and mortar stores wouldn’t stock games from publishers they didn’t know and trust, and if HMV and GAME didn’t stock your game, you weren’t going to be shifting that many companies. Small companies sold small numbers, and that was that."

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TifaLockheart2290d ago

Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

mjolliffe2290d ago

The future's bright - there's no doubt about that.

Once all the fuss regarding Steam Greenlight's submission fee is sorted the industry will be an additional step closer to the author's outlook. :)

kharma452290d ago

It's certainly a great time for creative minds, almost endless opportunities now to get ideas out there.