What’s Happening At GameStop This Week

Gamers everywhere spend months preparing for the inevitable dry spell over Summer but September has finally arrived and it’s time for the big names of 2012 to start showing themselves. GameStop is always at the forefront of rewards programs and gaming deals so we’ve highlighted some of the current offers and available pre-orders for upcoming titles.

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CaptainCamper2284d ago

Next time you're in there. Ask them if they sell Gamer Grub ;)

PhoenixRising372284d ago

me: yes, I would like to reserve Borderlands 2.
GS employee: ok, would you like to reserve anything else?
me: no, I'm good.
GS employee: are you sure? NFS most wanted comes out next month!
Me: I don't want to reserve that.
GS employee: Black Ops 2?
me: I already reserved that.
GS employee: What about Halo 4?
me: NO.
GS employee: ....Do you want to renew your powerup card? It expires in 10 months!
Me: I don't want to do that right now.
GS employee: Buy some headphones?

LAWSON722284d ago

This happens every time I go there. I had an interview their before and the employs do it because they are given set goals on what they are suppose to accomplish in a period of time, and if they do very poor I think you could be harassed to try harder.

PhoenixRising372284d ago

yeah, i understand that the corporation tells them to do that.It's just really unfortunate. Weren't they voted as one of the worst companies to work for?

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

I know, they do that when i go in too.

LAWSON722284d ago

I actually got a ok deal when I traded in my l4d2, $22.50. If you actually are smart when it comes into trading in games their you actually wont get ripped off.

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

I think i took in COD and got $40 back so i wasn't really mad.

CharmingMan2284d ago

Sponsored by GamerGrub, the nastiest tasting foodstuff ever. Barf!

CaptainCamper2283d ago

No way dude! You don't like any of the flavors? Even the PB&J? Your tastebuds are dead! :D

Freakazoid20122284d ago

The same thing that happens every week Pinky, trying to take over the world....Of video games.

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