Capcom: No plans for E.X. Troopers localization right now

Capcom has no plans to localize its Lost Planet spinoff, according to Christian Svensson.

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jc485731993d ago

oh yea, the hell with LP3. I ain't buying that game.

yami9301993d ago

So your telling me we only get that other Spin-off with the number in the title? Lost Planet 3 looks horrible, no where in line to what the first 2 games were like, this game seemed like the only interesting entry of any kind in the Lost Planet Universe that is going to be released soon and America is not getting it -_-. Capcom has managed to attempt killing 3 beautiful japanese birds with 1 western stone (LP3 DmC RE6)

Godmars2901993d ago

They're not going to take a chance on confusing people. Have on game trip over the other.

We'll probably see it in a year.

yewles11993d ago

That's giving Capcom too much credit.

DivineAssault 1993d ago

import it if u want it that bad

Tidybrutes1993d ago

Seems the 3DS is reigion locked you'd have to import a japanese 3DS too, which most people won't do.

ronin4life1993d ago

Yes, however it is also on PS3, Which Is region free.

I would personally still get the 3ds version, as I already have a Japanese 3ds.

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The story is too old to be commented.