The Nintendrone: Nintendo's Short Sighted Approach is Hurting the Wii U

GotGame: With the Wii U, Nintendo has taken a different strategy. Instead of focusing on titles coming out in the future, Nintendo’s focus has been exclusively on its launch lineup. This may seem like a good idea, but unless Nintendo changes their path within the coming months, the Wii U may be in for a rough launch.

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Hatsune-Miku2085d ago

Every preview for Wii u have been terrible and Nintendo needs to change that

PopRocks3592085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I've read a ton of previews, many of which were from the E3 show floor with people saying how great the Wii U is to play. Same goes for CES.

I've read bad ones too, but it's a small handful out of the dozens of positive previews I read. If you're going to be a troll, the least you can do is stick to facts and not spout misinformation.

torchic2084d ago

but on the flipside you love Nintendo with all your heart and the Wii U can do no wrong in your eyes.

seriously if you love something/someone you're more inclined to ignore the negative things about that thing/person. just human nature

I'd say that reaction to the Wii U has been greatly varied. I was super excited about it last year at E3 then slowly those feelings faded. it's not turning out to be the console Reggie promised us a year ago.

PopRocks3592084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )


You're a complete moron if you honestly believe I'm incapable of seeing faults in something, whether or not I'm a fan of it. Alright I'll give you an example that's not Nintendo related.

I love the Double Fine game Brutal Legend. Love it to death. But I can certainly acknowledge why the game is extremely niche. It has balancing issues and does not segue the player into the RTS battle gameplay as it should have and that put a lot of people off.

However I still think it's an amazing game that more people probably would have enjoyed had they approached it with open minds instead of judging it preemptively based on hearsay in regards to the RTS gameplay (which wasn't even broken, by the way).

Now, pulling back to the topic at hand, I would LOVE to see these negative previews you speak of, because I've mostly read positive ones. People who loved Nintendo Land of all games, and the multiplatform games on the Wii U.

Yeah, my opinions of Nintendo are much more positive than most here on N4G, but at least I make an attempt to back up my points with facts. So don't BS me with that "Nintendo can do no wrong in your eyes" garbage. It holds no water.

Carl_Shocker2085d ago

Wouldn't say they've all been terrible, just nothing which would hype us up for it or reassure us about the console.

It's not like the Wii, PS3, 360 reviews when everything we learned about it, every scrap of info hyped us up with anticipation.

Most previews go from bad to average at best with the odd good reviews here and there but they are mostly from Nintendo based sites, it's not like they are going to criticize a Nintendo product at the end of the day

N4g_null2084d ago

This launch reminds me of the Nes a little. No one knew it was coming and then you got to see all the good stuff.

I think the lack of hype is good. I mean hyping feature, tech or the fact it is trying to be a pc get in the way of real excitement. The games are where you should place your hype.

There is not a single game I have on the wii I don't want a sequel of. I'm excited to see what the new ips look like on this hardware also.

If you pay close attention you can see nintendo loading their cannon... Not with empty and lofty hype but with games that will hook people.

After smash bros, Zelda, metriod, dk, mariokart I'm not sure they need hype.
Key people to watch are
Xenoblade, last story, pans tower makers. Treasure, platinum, ubisofts red steel( part two was actually good).
What does 3ds and wiiu play mean!?!
Has nintendo made their own quake without blood!!!
Can the industry bring back 2d gaming and arcade game play that is fun and exciting again?

What is funny is apple has its ps3 like fanboys yet nintendo has all of these fanboys in hiding lol. How else do you sell a hardcore brutal kart racer to 15 million gamers? Then do the same with a Mario game.

I must admit I did not like brawl when it came out but after seeing how good the hardcore where I was hooked.

Plus the wiiu has that same hey mom give this a try games like wii fit and a hardcore spin to wii play in nintendo land. This is the console that they make good on converting the mythical casual which is just a bunch of new comers. There is nothing wrong with that.

I know it's not the same as the publications drilling the excitement into you head but it resonates way more. Maybe more people will get to see that magic this next gen.

Shok2085d ago

What previews have YOU read lol?

2085d ago
AO1JMM2085d ago

No they were not. Nice troll skills you have.

Hatsune-Miku2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I guess e3 2011 , 2012 gdc, pax 2012 and gamescom 2011 and 2012 were awesome showing of the Nintendo Wii u.
Can someone now tell me all the launch titles and games due to be released on the Wii u soon. Can someone also tell me the price and release date?everyday there are a lot of rumours and made up things about the Wii u that turns out to be false. It's just fanatics wishful thinking running about the internet about what Wii u will be able to do and all sorts of rubbish.

Nintendo fanatics thinks they are being loyal sheep when they are just hurting Nintendo by not being vocal.

I'm a Nintendo fan not a Nintendo sheep so I'd like Nintendo to do way better than they have. If it were up to nintendo fans Nintendo would continue the style in which they did with the Wii where Nintendo made a lot of money but gamers or actual fans feel short-changed by quality Nintendo titles.

Wii is a success to nintendo but failure to gamers.

PopRocks3592084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Because Sony's financial situation would be that much better if most of their fans were shitting on them and demanding they change their entire business strategy. /s

Your sense of logic is truly astounding. Oh, and the Wii had it's fair shake of good core games. Xenoblade, Donkey Kong Country Returns, House of the Dead Overkill and No More Heroes, just to name a few.

Freakazoid20122084d ago

Here is something that isnt rumor kid. Go to for the launch games(sad you have to be told this and cant find it yourself being such a Nintendo fan the Nintendo website should be a place you visit from time to time)

As for price and launch date... SEPTEMBER 13th...

You don't know that the Nintendo website lists the launch games and you some how missed the conference coming on the 13th... You really do not sound like much of a fan of Nintendo at all. Just someone trying to claim to support them in some lame attempt to justify your hate.

This is how you sound

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars,Kirk is by far my favorite character. Can someone tell me when the next movie is coming out because while I can type,entering the URL is not something I am able to do.

yourmom29212084d ago

"Can someone now tell me all the launch titles and games due to be released on the Wii u soon."

Nintendo's official website offers this information.

"Can someone also tell me the price and release date"

September 13, 2012. It's coming. Patience is virtue.

"everyday there are a lot of rumours and made up things about the Wii u that turns out to be false."

True, rumors and wrong speculation occur for every new console.

"Wii is a success to nintendo but failure to gamers. "

Um... I'm a gamer and I am pretty satisfied with the Nintendo Wii Console and the library. Having 30+ games, I think it has satisfied me, just as Xbox 360 and PS3 also have satisfied me.

Seriously through, stop spouting your subjective thoughts as if they are factual information. I respect your opinion, but seriously, why state it like a fact and try to push it on others?

N4g_null2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

The only thing I actually liked on the n64 was golden eye... I've been a fan and a contributor to this industry and all my problems with nintendo where fixed in the wii. The wiiu is just icing on that same cake. I had a dpl HDTV so my wii games looked great. I have mostly LEDs now so I'm looking forward to this console. Does Sony or ms fix the problem I have with them nope... So there isn't much reason for me to liketheir platforms.

I think you maybe falling for the it's cool to hate nintendo crowd and this looking like a sheep your self. They supported a ton of new ip this gen by funding other studios projects. This is the only company actively developing with other studios. I've seen no one else do that.

Nintendo fans played the waiting game before and we did not like it. Classic hints of games would be revealed just for us to wait 4 years for the game to come out. Games like that will get canceled from now own due to the economic pressures.

Now Sony fans get to play that game while they cheer on sonys march over the cliff as they all wait for their next to expensive to buy console that mostly does every thing else but plays games. Sony should just start a new industry and call it movie play, interactive choose your own adventure movies.

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Ramon3MR2085d ago

They need to price it and set the release date already too.

PopRocks3592085d ago

Uhh, wait 'till Thursday?

ALLWRONG2085d ago

What gamer likes to wait?

Press play and lets go.

ChickeyCantor2085d ago


Then why are there sony fans? Their systems practically celebrate "loading game" every 10 seconds!

//I'm just kidding
//No need to cry
//It's all cool.

Sabrina_Holmes2085d ago

This isn't surprising. Nice article

chanmasta2085d ago

People need to be freaking patient. They scheduled a conference for September 13th or whatever it is a while back to announce specifics on the Wii U including games, price, date, etc.
People aren't dying from not knowing how much a games console is going to be and what month of this year it'll be released.

iamnsuperman2085d ago

I think the biggest problem (and it isn't anything to do with being patient) is why we do not know more all ready. They are making more work for themselves by not advertising the system and leaving it quite late. You would expect and advert somewhere saying coming this Christmas(for now it doesn't have to have an exact date) but there is nothing

ninjabake2083d ago

You gotta understand tho, this is a business for them. Making adverts and highly pushing the new system before any true details have been revealed will only lead to more questions by consumers.
Its more logical to start highly advertising the system AFTER the conference when most(if not all)details are released

You also have to keep in mind that the dedicated gamers(you, myself and most, if not all n4g posters) do not need to look at commercials to know its coming, we already know its coming we just need price and release date details. Its the mass market(which is a HUGE chunk of sales) that needs to be informed via adverts. It means little to dedicated gamers if its heavily advertised to them.

This is a business and Nintendo is a professional company, they know what they're doing. If they fail to market it well after the conference, THEN I think ppl should worry.

But ask yourself this...has any other console that was launching heavily advertised their system more than 2 months in advance? I surely don't recall seeing that with 360, PS3, Wii or any Gen before that. Why should we hold Nintendo to a different standard?

Lets be fair here. Give Nintendo some time.

yewles12085d ago

Sorry, I don't buy a console at launch just to sit on my ass and wait for a game of interest to come out. Nintendo is actually doing a good job so far of showing and reminding people what's available when the Wii U releases.

WeskerChildReborned2085d ago

Yea, i'm looking forward to picking up some good games like AC3, ZombiU, Batman AC, maybe Mass Effect 3, and Aliens Colonial Marines(not a launch title but still looking forward to it).

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