Rock Band Blitz Reinvents The Music

Does anybody really play music games anymore? Apparently developer Harmonix hasn't given up on the genre yet, and so now we've be given Rock Band Blitz, whether we want it or not. Rock Band Blitz does away with the classic Rock Band style of play and allows you to play with your Xbox 360 controller rather than your plastic instruments.

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TifaLockheart1955d ago

This game really did make music games more fun.

VideoGameGuru1955d ago

I bought this other day for XBLA. I liked it much better than Rock Band original

Sabrina_Holmes1955d ago

I didn't like it as much as guitar hero but it was still nice game. Your review was terrific.

amandadyar1955d ago

I had never really liked many of the music games out there but this one was oddly addictive.