New Screens for New Super Mario Bros. U

Another batch of screens for New Super Mario Bros. U! Check them out!

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Hatsune-Miku2226d ago

Looks like very old screens to me. Like over 20 years ago.
Nintendo needs to secure high quality third party games and focus on developing new IPs. I have my fingers crossed for the Nintendo event

playlikemario2226d ago

this is exactly what i said in another segment that if Nintendo wants to step up the game at the conference on the 13th they have to push theses developers and game companies to believe in Nintendo and show them that the Wii U is the investment to make over the next year. cause i am a big fan of Nintendo and what they are doing and i am also a huge fan of Mario and i am looking to preorder the Wii U but these stories i see are not helping me. so please Nintendo help us fans out here.

AO1JMM2226d ago

Looks nothing like 20 years ago.

Bigkurz852226d ago

stfu i dont recall my games looking anything like that 20 years ago

FlairSomewhere2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

@hatsune Were you alive 20 years ago?
I barely was.

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ChickeyCantor2226d ago

They are obviously going for the SMW flavor....They could have done so much more with the artwork =/

from the beach2226d ago

It's so beautiful I could weep. Sumptuous screens.

waltyftm2226d ago

Wow, Little big planet 2 must have you crying like a little girl, seriously though not a major improvement over the Wii version.

from the beach2226d ago

I have more respect for my eyeballs than to play Little Big Planet 2.

Bigkurz852226d ago

lol WHAT?

have you ever played the LBP games? they are absolutely wonderful. you are ridiculous.

Xperia_ion2226d ago

I don't see next gen in these screens, but they look good.

DivineAssault 2226d ago

The game is much cleaner than the wii version but they couldve made a new engine for it being that wii u has much more power.. This should be offered with the console as well or that other Nintendo land game.. Bundled in w a gamepad & pro controller for $250 would be the best COA for them..