Finding the Middle Ground in the Polarized World of Video Games

GameDynamo - "For a long while, at least up until the video game industry's revenue surpassed that of Hollywood in 2009, the business of film was seen as an aspirational model for the young gaming medium. While there were and are valuable lessons to be learned from a popular medium with a century's head start on games, in at least one regard the two industries have in recent years come to resemble one another to an unfortunate degree."

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amaguli2081d ago

It comes down to price. Not many people can afford to spend the initial $60 for a game they don't feel will give them the most bang for their buck.

You can what for a price drop, yes, but how many times have you forgotten about a game while waiting for a price drop? I have done it multiple times, you wait for the price to lower and then another game comes out that catches your attention.

But I agree, there are plenty of great 'middle ground' games. Shadows of the Damned is one of favorites, and Bulletstorm was good fun.

ShaunCameron2081d ago

The author's just whining about nothing. Even in the good ol' days, only a handful of games caught on and succeeded while the rest flopped and ended up forgotten.

Price has little to do with why lower-profiled games don't sell and plenty to do with marketing and general public interest. People are not gonna buy a game they're not interested in regardless of price nor are they likely to give a game they never heard of a chance.

NYC_Gamer2081d ago

It's just reality every game released won't go on to sell millions of copies.....I wished Shenmue 1&2 sold major units so could have the final game in the franchise....We have to accept that just because we enjoy certain games doesn't mean everybody else will...