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BT writes: Reviewing a collection can be tricky business. A series or developer oeuvre usually doesn’t warrant a bundled re-release unless it’s of a certain quality in the first place, so grading such a product on the merits of the original games seems like an unnecessary exercise. However, as this generation grinds on, we have seen a plethora of HD Collections and Collector’s Editions that simply weren’t worth your money, whether due to their pricing, antiquated feature sets, or just plain old terrible conversions. The inFAMOUS Collection seems like an obvious addition to Sony’s recent PlayStation bundles, but it falls into a seemingly new category: irrelevance.

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insomnium22287d ago

I don't get it. It gets a 5/10 because it's not intended for the people who have already played these games? I'm confused. I never would've wanted to repurchase these games but I guess that's just me...

NastyLeftHook02287d ago

n4g started from the bottom, and its been down hill ever since.

Capt-FuzzyPants2287d ago

N4G didn't write the review.

NastyLeftHook02287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

but it certainly had no problem getting it approved.

@mattyg, i can ask the same question.

MattyG2287d ago

Then why are you still reading and commenting?

MattyG2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

You can ask the same question, but I'm not the one making negative comments about the site. I have little to no issues with the site, but you, who seem to think its a terrible site, keep visiting.
Edit; but I do agree, the approval process is deeply flawed.

Blankman852287d ago

How are you gonna blame N4G for this review? You sir fail.

jeseth2287d ago

No clicking on this article for me.

Stupid score ... totally stupid. Both games are basically a 9/10 metacritic and a release that has both for a low price gets a 5/10.

This person should not be allowed to strike a keyboard again and should be forced to play inFamous over and over again.

People will say anything to get hits, sad really. Takes away from good gaming journalists.

badz1492287d ago

a total of 3 great games with great gameplay good story for $40 and they gave it a 5/10? trolling? DEFINITELY!

it's not intended for gamers already playing these game but last time I checked, neither of these games sold CoD numbers so chances are, there are more people haven't experience these than those who did! so, why the hate?

I have all GoW games released on PS3 this gen but that doesn't mean that I'll give GoW Saga which includes all 5 games a less than stellar review just because I already have them all, right?

this review(er) is stupid!

snipes1012286d ago


N4G didn't approve this article. In case you didn't notice, it's the oh-so-bright-and-never-giving- undeserved-attention-to-troll-a rticles users of N4G that do all of the approving. Perhaps you should be asking the users why this is happening.

Flewid6382286d ago

@ tentonsoftube:

And yet, here you are...

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cpayne932287d ago

Yeah this makes no sense they would be for those who have yet to play them.

MattyG2287d ago

That's a terrible reason for that score. A review should be based on the content in the game, not the circumstances surrounding it.

NeoTribe2286d ago

Short but to the point. I award you comment of the article. Id give you one of my bubbles if I had one to spare.

Chris5582286d ago

Hahaha idiot reviewer deleted his own comments what a shame he feels that this article is retarded

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Xperia_ion2287d ago

............. that is all.

GribbleGrunger2287d ago

5/10? I didn't realise that 65 million PS3 owners had already played it! WOW, I'm impressed

Shikoro2287d ago

Best selling game ever confirmed?

Stupid review is stupid...

cyberninja2287d ago

i give this review negative 5 out 10. lol.

HammadTheBeast2287d ago

That's too high. It shouldn't even exist.

cyberninja2287d ago

they key word is negative.

Reverent2287d ago

@Cyber, exactly Lol.

I agree with Hammad. Negative 5 is much too high.

colonel1792287d ago

Why would there even be a review for just a package deal? They are just putting all games together in one package combo. Why review it? The games are the same and nothing has changed. It's ridiculous!

I get why an HD collection would get reviewed since there is a conversion in resolution and sometimes the controller layout. But this time? Nothing, just a sale!

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