Team Ninja hints at new “different” Dead or Alive 5 character

Team Ninja’s Yohei Shimbori and Yosuke Hayashi provide a few hints at a new unannounced Dead or Alive 5 character that goes in “a much different direction.”

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VTKC2260d ago

Please dont let it be some stupid character that doesnt even suit the game. Things like Gon from Tekken 3 and guest characters like say a star wars character in Soul Calibur4 I can do without.

DivineAssault 2259d ago

cool.. I cant wait for this.. Its been a while since i kicked some tail w Jan Lee n Tina

FinaLXiii2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

No big fat guy please.

Tekken and Street Fighter already have those.