Kuma Presents: Elite Girl Gamer’s Battle of the Sexes 9/8/2012 Match

Kuma Wrote: Good Morning gamers and happy Sunday to you all. I have been having some interesting Saturday’s lately and meeting some cool people in the process. The Battle of the Sexes was founded by DrNikki where females vs. males in friendly trash talking competition. I figured I throw in my tech equipment for better HD footage so Nikki can have premiere video to use on her page and my own. This is the third Saturday that I have participated in and the males took the win, but it was the best damn night of gaming I’ve ever had in COD. I needed my boys with me though Surf and Phatboi, but we played with great communication. The other factor that I enjoy is the commentary of the couples in each match. You hear a bit of swearing, but they sound too darn cute towards each other at the end of each match. Nikki has brought a realization throughout the gaming community, that male and female gamers can play a civilized at times a bit comedic online game. The videos that I am about to show you below will give you an idea how it should be in online combat, without the sexes chatter or belittling other combatants. The online community should be fun and challenging, not filled with negativity or harsh talk just because of your gender or race. However when you do run into those select few that want to corrupt the community, fear not. You might get lucky and run into people like us online to make sure you get the Win against those who want to be “That Guy!”

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HiddenMission2084d ago

Girls look to be holding their own

SavageKuma2083d ago

These ladies have skills.

egidem2083d ago

This might be besides the point, but the word "kuma" in Swahili means f*ck!

cleft52083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Battle of the sexes, seriously? Ugh, this could be straight from a Ubisoft press conference it's so bad. I just don't get what this proves at all. If the females win then so what, they won. If the females lose than so what, they lost. People don't represent groups, they represent themselves. This whole thing is just pointless, but whatever. I hope everyone here gets paid.

SavageKuma2083d ago

Jeez, never heard of friendly competition where females and males just want to duke it out in fair combat? I have to wonder when people like you come online and have to over analyze a simple concept of people just having a fun event and many of the people in this match are married or in a relationship. It don't need to be any real concept behind it and no one is getting paid. It is just good old fashion fun that has been happening for years. Calm down, but thanks for stopping by anyway.

cleft52083d ago

First off, people like you? This isn't just a group of people getting together to have fun it's a "Battle of the Sexes." Don't get upset with me for calling you out on the title of your article. How about instead of "Battle of the Sexes" you just say that these two teams are coming together to battle it out, all in the name of fun and competition.

Oh I know why, because that would sound boring. Instead you use a title like that to intentionally exploit the gender, both male and female, of the people playing. Don't try and pretend like you aren't using gender to promote your little match because you are. If you use this kind of marketing, don't act surprised when someone calls you out on it.

SavageKuma2083d ago

Again why is that bad? Basically stating the obvious that yes it is an article of male vs. female which no one who joins is complaining. Now if it were a bad thing it would not be done in the first place. Maybe if you cool your head consider the fact that both parties find this mutually fun. Don't need to over analyze it because the concept is a "NO DUH!" situation. The main point is that everyone had a great time and there was no hurtful remarks out of a COD game. Take that thought with you instead of bashing something that worked out in the end. Thank you for stopping by though.