Naruto Storm 3 Complete Scan 6 – Naruto vs Sasuke

New scan shows Naruto clashing with Sasuke and hack and slash battles.

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tayz2288d ago

EPICIST NOSEBLEED OF THE CENTURY!!! *nosebleed* *nosebleed* *nosebleed* *nosebleed*

tooo much for me to handle!! ahh i love naruto!!!!

Shadonic2288d ago

Still nothing thats really amazing sure i like the multi samurai battle thing but there just adding in modes and small player-story additions instead of improving on the over all gameplay. Still elludes me how they have such a huge love for there work with there scenes and the feel you get from participating in things like clashing in story mode but in over all gameplay they decide to stray away from that in multiplayer. I might not get this one it looks good but it looks exactly like generations with more story elements.

Silly gameAr2287d ago

I keep getting the malware detected screen when I try to go to the site.