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Submitted by psp2roundup 1251d ago | opinion piece

Are EA and Activision ashamed of their PS Vita games?

So, we see Activision totally disassociating itself from Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, saying that the main game's developers have nothing to do with the Vita product beyond checking the fiction remains true. How pathetic is that? Here's the most successful franchise in recent history and they've passed it off to a competent (but hardly leading class) developer in Nihilistic, disavowed all knowledge of it and taken no interest in its development.

That reeks of Sony wanting the game, paying for its development and Activision taking the cash and running. I would love to proved wrong, but the secretive development, clear lack of polish and ambition on the title (based on what we've seen so far) just seems to back up my position.

Then we see EA and the bizarre arrival of Madden on the Vita. I understand perfectly that it won't be quite on the level of Madden 13 on PS3, basing it on last year's engine is fine. But at least take the time to update the rosters, to fix some of... (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Madden 13, PS Vita)

GribbleGrunger  +   1251d ago
A well crafted, thought provoking article. I agree with every word (which is unusual for me)... I think we'll see COD on the Vita getting mentioned more if it sells well. Cynical, I know, but likely true
daggertoes83  +   1251d ago
Youre right but as a vita owner and lover im ashamed and embarrassed of some of the games they have put out.
NewMonday  +   1250d ago
couldn't have Sony made Zipper make COD for Vita, they have experience with competitive shooters and Unit 13 look'd good
abzdine  +   1251d ago
I don't play COD or EA FPSs but I'd prefer Sony uses the money they invested in buying the COD name in asking Ready at Dawn studio to make a God of War for example or a new IP
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Jazz4108  +   1251d ago
Then you must not spell correctly because its full of typos and you agree on every word. In my honest opinion I believe the Vita is in a lot of trouble and so is Sony.
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pixelsword  +   1250d ago
That's "it's".

GribbleGrunger  +   1250d ago
Why are you ordering me to spell incorrectly?
THESONYPS3  +   1250d ago
What we need is a gran turismo(which they are making), god of war, jak and daxter, ratchet and clank and spyro games for it. Not thieves in time and full frontal asssault. And new ip's aswell.
pixelsword  +   1250d ago
This article is a little... off.

By that logic, Kojima is ashamed of Revengeance because he did exactly the same thing, and Insomniac never put a game on handhelds as far as I know but somehow they're "ashamed" because they didn't make it?
MoveTheGlow  +   1250d ago
Wasn't there a time, back in the day, when popular franchises were always outsourced to smaller companies for portable titles? I mean, THPS2 on the Game Boy Advance wasn't developed by the original Tony Hawk devs either, but it was great, and Vicarious Visions became a go-to portable dev because of that. WayForward plus Contra also = awesome! This is nothing new.

Grunger is right that if this sells well, the Vita might see more CoD, sure, but it'll also boost Nihilistic if they can do it right. But CoD and I aren't on speaking terms, so I wish them the best of luck!
mafiahajeri  +   1251d ago
Not ea but yes activision, it's NIhilstic. I think they want to build hype just because it's cod on the vita. They know the casuals will flock to it but people actually following up on news will know whats up their sleeve.

About ea Nfs and assasins creed seem to be looking good and you forgot about FIFA 13 we haven't got so much as a screenshot or preview from the game I hope its good because FIFA 12 was promising on the vita.
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aiBreeze  +   1251d ago
Assassins Creed is a Ubisoft game.
SandWitch  +   1251d ago
AC is published by Ubisoft, not EA. Other than that I agree with you, EA's games look really good so far.

Activision is another talk, they don't care about COD BOD at all. It's a shame if you ask me.
mafiahajeri  +   1251d ago
Yeah I know I guess I structured the sentence wrong :P

No Im fine thank god. What are you talking about? ;)
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MmaFan-Qc  +   1251d ago
mafiahajeri: "hope not have damage to brain"
rpd123  +   1251d ago
AC is Ubisoft, but yeah I agree with you. NFS looks good and Madden is actually really fun. I think Sony was rushing them to get it out the same time as the consoles and it's still easily the best Madden to be released on a handheld.
jujubee88  +   1251d ago
Why do these blogs keep making it through?
No offense, but you guys need SERIOUSLY to consider buying a website already. Make it a bit more proper for your fans, at least.
HiddenMission  +   1250d ago
Money is an issue you need to really think about. Start up costs and site developement for a fully functioning site with more than the bare bones will cost a couple grand easy and i know. I still have several key features to have added to my site and im already a grand plus into my investment and im still looking at another grand.

Add in quality video camers, mics, video editing software and your easily looking at 3-5 thousand dollars.

Unless you have a real long term business plan your return on investment is almost nothing.

Some people just like to write their opinoons and share them with others isnt that part of the point N4G?
xAlmostPro  +   1250d ago
Actually wrong.. you can get a domain and hosting space for $50, then just install word press and have a good web developer or graduate(looking to make portfolio work) hook you up with a highly customized theme.

Then all you have is the domain/hosting cost each year.. which is easy to gain back via ads.

As for 'equipment' writing should be the main focus for journalists, equipment etc second. If your pieces are good people will visit, if people visit you gain more from ads and possibly even sell ad space to companies(which nets you even more) then you think about how to expand and equipment. You also don't need anything special for a camera mount the latest smart phone on a tripod!
CarlosX360  +   1250d ago
@xAlmostPro - I am telling you from first hand experience that whatever you said is not true. I am the guy that ran MW3Blog.

A host with a $50 price tag won't be able to handle the kind of traffic of those who make it to the top 5 stories. No. I'm sorry. I'm speaking from experience here - on a peak day, 4,000 people can come to your site via 5 hottest stories. If you're #1 hot story, it's twice that and then some more.

I also ran an Xbox website with a friend of mine a several years ago, I invested $150+ for around a year's worth of hosting. Guess how many times the server went offline? 3 Times. Maybe even more.

I got lucky a few months later to have a friend who happens to have a dedicated server and lend me help.

You may think it's easy to just throw away $10 per year just for domains. Ads will pay this back no problem. But if you want a high level niche website, you're going to need to fork over a few thousand just to own it.

For example, MW3Blog costed me $480 just for an undeveloped website. Luckily, because I'm a marketing guy, I can turn this 'loss' into a positive revenue stream for me. Because now, next few weeks, I'm getting a handsome $100 check.

A good designer for a wordpress design WILL cost you a thousand dollars. It's not a joke. There aren't too many [good] gaming themes out there right now. When you find a good theme that's free, you'll be restricted in many ways than one.
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HiddenMission  +   1250d ago

Yep your spot on and if you want custom feature like an interesting review system that doesnt currently come with the theme you have from wordpress you can see up to $500 gone on just that one feature.

Also to get higher google rating you need to reserve your domain for at least 5 years which will be a lot more. For me its all the added feature i want viewers to have that is costing so much. I want them to get more out of the experience.
CarlosX360  +   1250d ago
@HiddenMission - The review system is something a gaming website requires, and there isn't many wordpress mods out for free to provide to users. And when there is, the execution of the mod doesn't sound so good on paper. When you see it done on another site, it doesn't look flexible, either. So, yeah, a custom coding work is required to get the desired results.

And, what's worse is that there isn't a CMS that allows for game info column - which I think is absolutely required for any gaming site. It's sad, because this is the way you make game companies respect your site enough to come to you for advertising. Because that column of a CMS lends "free" branding to the company.

I know some coders who charge people for these features into a CMS over 10 thousand dollars just for the whole CMS itself. Sometimes, even taking full admin control of the site. This is more or less a good thing and a bad thing. Because you still owe the person, and when you don't. He locks you out because the CMS was designed by him.

As for google rankings - Age has nothing to do with your position on google. How popular your site is - does. Because these people are backlinking to your site. The more people search the keyword you want, the more google indexes your site - that's another way. So, SEO is required - and there's a great SEO plugin for free on literally every single software there is on the market today. If it's not free, then the person is providing a wonderful service with regards to SEO. :)

Oh, and Content is King!

Thankfully, CouchGamers is coming out.
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HiddenMission  +   1250d ago

Yep your right on about the game info, I was lucky enough to find a theme that's no longer sold that had the game info feature but it was missing so much. I've had to pay through the nose to get everything else added on and I still have a bit of a way to go. My site name is the same as my user name.

I'll have to look into the SEO plugin for my site and get it incorporated before my site get's a full proper public launch.

Thanks for the tips and info.
psp2roundup  +   1250d ago
I'm happy being a part-time blogger, why should my opinion be any less valid? This has clearly hit a chord with readers, so I'll assume I'm right this time and this subject is something that pro sites can't post for fear of losing advertising.

When I start churning out total crap feel free to kick me in the nads! But for now, I hope I'm offering a decent voice and service.
jujubee88  +   1250d ago
Sorry! I meant "how", not "why"!
Haha! (N4G usually does not allow blogs as submissions, of course)

Also, you are confusing my post with that of a person not satisfied in your content.

Any good information on the VITA is information that makes that person valid, my friend. I gotchu

(... I just can't approve anything with blog in it bc it might nullify my n4g rights to approve, post, etc.)
CarlosX360  +   1250d ago
@jujubee88 - Huh? N4G allows blogs - I see a lot of blogs being posted every day. Whatchoo talking about?
imXify  +   1251d ago
I think I would give NIhilstic another chance. In Resistance, the graphics were well done ( notice the last level in SP ) but the sun/moon lightning was terrible. I think they can get it right this time. The graphics are already good, they just need to tweak the lighting
SandWitch  +   1251d ago
Maybe they could make it better, especially when they know what they did wrong with Resistance... But it's not enough time I guess. COD BOD will be another fiasco by Nihilistic unless they will get help from some other developer. Maybe Guerilla Games should suspend making of Killzone Mercenery and help them to make BOD a proper game?
matgrowcott  +   1250d ago
Treyarch were in a similar position before getting brought onto Black Ops. They'd be given 6 months to make a game which lacked polish and everybody would bitch about how Treyarch make terrible, horrible games.

I think if Nihilistic are decent enough that they've been allowed to make two games in top-tier franchises, then we can probably presume the issue here is in the amount of time they've been allowed to make the game in. If that's the case then, like Treyarch, it's only a matter of time until they can prove themselves with a longer development cycle.
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topekomsi  +   1251d ago
I simply hope that if the game is a wreck, they delay its release, I really really want a good fps on vita, resistance bs showed me potential (even though the game was an abomination) no character development, craptastic framey multiplayer. Nihilistic scares the poo poo outta me. I hope I'm being to harsh and its a hit, but u know history and stuff....
Lockon  +   1251d ago
I doubt activision cares. They just know its gonna sale.
tokugawa  +   1251d ago
They just know its gonna "sell"
dazzrazz  +   1251d ago
Its kinda funny "call of djuty" was suppose to be a system seller and it looks horrible
Xperia_ion  +   1251d ago
Its going to be the best selling Vita game this year.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1251d ago
But will it be a system seller?

Honestly, given the sales potential of a good COD game on Vita I would have thought Sony would have played a stronger part in its development to ensure it lives up to its potential. COD could be a real game changer Vita but only if it reviews and plays well.
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Xperia_ion  +   1251d ago
3rd party games always sell on Sony platforms.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1251d ago
Madden is really good on the Vita. What is he talking about?
chasegarcia  +   1251d ago
are you high?
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1251d ago
Nope. Have you played it? It's pretty darn good.
Man-E-Faces  +   1251d ago
MySwordisHeavenly is correct madden is basically madden 12 on ps3/360 from last year so to trash vita's version is admitting that last years console madden was also trash. EA has been good so far with support I take nobody played Fifa and the Need for Speed game coming up is being handled by criterion themselves so where is this nonsense that EA is not willing to put effort in their vita games coming from? Activision on the other hand I totally agree with.
ddurand1  +   1251d ago
please compare an ios or android madden to madden on the vita and tell me its not a good game.

you shouldnt compare console madden to portable madden. Youre wrong if you do.
Qrphe  +   1250d ago
My brother has been playing a copy he bought himself of it on my Vita, and he's a bigger soccer fan.

He also played the hell out of Fifa 12 on it (I don't play sports games on the other hand).
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cmpunk53  +   1250d ago
It's actually good if it's not for the framerate ugh..
lee82988  +   1251d ago
At first I thought madden was decent, but when you play it you realize the lack of effort that was put in the game. The way BOD looks so far is horrible. It looks a psp game. Hopefully the new need for speed game lives up to the way it was promoted by the developer because it will be a real system seller for the vita.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1251d ago
I'm sorry, but the game looks gorgeous. What are you playing?
extermin8or  +   1251d ago
COD:BOD looks shite compared to many other vita games soon to be released or already out
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1250d ago
I was talking about Madden. :/ Sorry for the confusion.
CaptCalvin  +   1251d ago
EA is actually okay. It's not like they're consistently putting out bad games. Activision on the other hand I feel that they care much less about the Vita.
extermin8or  +   1251d ago
activision only start caring about a console when it's already made them millions and they want to keep the money rolling in- they don't understand that if they supported it beforehand then they could help the console s sell and then have a bigger instal base to which to sell future sequels etc they seem to be very much a grab what you can now don't think about the future company...
Nickthedrummer  +   1251d ago
I would be fine waiting a extra two or three months for cod to come out for the vita. Black ops 2 will keep me busy in the meantime (ps3).
chazjamie  +   1251d ago
god, i wish i never bought this thing.
Freakazoid2012  +   1251d ago
The only one who should be ashamed is Sony for taking advantage of their loyal consumers. Sony said before the launch of the PS3 that their fans would buy anything they put their name on. Now they have a limited portable with less features than devices hundreds cheaper. They should have went with something with mass appeal not something only the most delusional supporter would blindly buy. 600.00? For a portable?

Just look at this article as an example. you got one devoted follower who thinks Madden is quality... How sad is that when you own a gaming platform and have to look forward to Madden? Oh and COD is now AAA must own...

When the best games you can come up with are considered garbage by most gamers it says a lot about just how bad the state of gaming for the Vita is...

Just to show further proof of how many blind followers or Sony sheep are out there look no further than my disagrees vs replies proving me wrong.
Teflon02  +   1250d ago
Wow so everything here you said is false. $600? You can get the Madden bundle for $250 with a memory card. A LBP bundle in a few weeks for the same price and so on. Now the games. Who is really waiting for the games you mentioned? Most people I know haven't talked about those games since gamescom. The games people are talking aboug is LBPPSV, ACIIIL, PSABR, P4G, Ragnarok Odyssey. And alot more, but look it up NFSMW for vita is also getting more anticipation then CoDBOD and Madden. Stop being dumb. And wait when since AAA isn't Call of Duty? I'm not the biggest fan of CoD but any game that sells that much is AAA. If CoD ain't AAA then AC ain't either and we all know it is. You act like this article is talking about games that are really relevant. Look up PS Vita and the top games talked about are LBP AC, PSABR P4G RO and a few more thats NOT those
fei-hung  +   1250d ago
Wonder why you just have 1 bubble?!

OT: 600? You mean 250 all in with a memory card and game? Since that is reality compared to the 600 fiction.

As supposed to what to look forward to, those who dont troll the way you do have the following to look forward to:

1) AC3L
4) Killzone Mercenaries
5) Tearaway
6) LBP
7) Warriors Lair
8) Phantasy Star Online 2
9) Street Fighter x Tekken
10) Soul Sacrifice
11) Time Travellers

Odd how you couldnt think of any of the above considering one of them could be the next big thing since MH, the other is one of the best known JRPGs outside of FF and some are crossbuy, making them far more lucrative than a regular purchase on another system.
Hicken  +   1250d ago
You... don't know what you're talking about, when it comes to Sony. We had our PM conversation earlier, but...

The Vita is the most powerful, most versatile handheld ever made. That's pretty much a fact, which dispels your "limited" claims. Quoting that price, I get the feeling you're somewhere like Australia, which is a shame for you; pretty much everywhere else in the world, the Vita is the one that's hundreds less than the mobile devices out there at $600.

It's evident that you don't know this, but A LOT of people look forward to Madden each year, and COD is pretty much ALWAYS a big seller.

Still, these aren't the games people are looking forward to playing on the Vita. Teflon and fei-hung mention quite a few, but I'd also add FFX HD, ZoE HD, Jet Grind Radio, Bioshock, Dragon's Crown, the Oddworld HD games, and New Little King's Story. Between our three lists, there are about 20 upcoming games in all sorts of genres that people are talking about. And that's including neither Call of Duty NOR Madden.

And please, stop with the "people disagree, but they're too scared to comment. that just shows they're fanboys, blah, blah." Do you reply to every comment you disagree with? I'm 100% certain that's impossible. By your logic, people should only click disagree if they comment; what about agreeing? What about obvious troll comments(this honestly feels like one)?

Face it: nobody CAN reply to every comment they disagree with, so there are just two things you can deduce from you agree/disagree rate: in the case of high disagrees, either you've said something true that struck a nerve with the crowd reading the article and requisite thread, or you've said something wrong that people are letting you know about.

In your case, it's the latter.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1250d ago
Funny how you talk about disagrees when all you do is disagree with everything i say, even when others agree with me. I guess it's because you don't like hearing the truth. Also since you're limited to 1 bubble the only recourse you seem to be left with is mentioning my name in other topics that i wasn't even in. Of course the proper and mature thing to do would be to send me a private PM but we all know you're more about getting attention than actual facts out there.

Now as far as this topic goes what we are seeing is two publishers not really taking Vita seriously. It reminds me of the makers of Dark Souls and their attitude towards the PC. Basically a rush job with no real attention to the hardware or the userbase. People may look forward to Madden and Call of Duty games but they certainly don't look forward to inferior ports that aren't taken seriously.
topekomsi  +   1250d ago
They darn well should be.
Straightupbeastly  +   1250d ago
Not ashamed more like unmotivated because no one owns a vita
sandman224  +   1250d ago
I think they did it on purpose. They dislike Sony.
shammgod  +   1250d ago
EA and Activision should be ashamed about most of the console games they release!
Demarco156  +   1250d ago
who the fuck cares about ea or activision?
#19 (Edited 1250d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheDivine  +   1250d ago
The blame for COD on vita falls squarely on Sony. Its pretty obvious they are the one who got BO Declassified on vita. They prob offered up a dev and offered to cover costs since Activision wasnt going to make a vita version. Sony grabbed the cheapest dev available and tossed it them. I mean Resistance was pretty horrible (still had some fun with it). Activision wouldnt contract out to a shitty dev that usually makes games for sony. Any one who cared about the quality of the game wouldve said hell no after seeing Burning Skies. Sony only cares about being able to advertise that COD and fps' work on vita. They dont give a shit if its good or not.

I just hope it doesnt bomb. If it does every other dev will ignore the vita. If the biggest franchise on the planet doesnt sell the platform is as good as dead to dev's.
Man-E-Faces  +   1250d ago
I think there might be some truth to what you said it would have been much better to see Sony Bend take on these projects but that still doesn't excuse Activisions lack of support, where's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SKYLANDERS GIANTS games at I see them available for 3ds. Correct me if I am wrong but there is not 1 Activision published game on Vita not 1.
topekomsi  +   1250d ago
Get outta my head, freaky! You just said my thoughts exactly.
r21  +   1250d ago
Huh, i never thought of it that way. If Sony wants to market the vita's sticks, they should've used KZ Mercernary instead of BO Delassicrap.
starman  +   1250d ago
I agree that is also what I believe happened and have been saying, if Sony did pay for the development, they should have gotten a more experienced development team for the job.
Kamikaze135  +   1250d ago
Whoa...good read.
#21 (Edited 1250d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Agent_hitman  +   1250d ago
You are all funny!, you want a ps3-like graphics on a 200mhz Quad core portable with 4-core graphics built-in but you must realize that it isn't enough compare to Laptop/Tablet's mobile processor capability!..

Sure, you can expect that the VITA's graphics like FPS games will be crappy cause it's hardware is low powered version of a quad core CPU lol.. I can assume that even Single core Intel atom at 500mhz can blow this vita out of the water if we talk about the potential lol...

But sadly, Atom consumes more power than an ARM cpu, and I know only Tablet is the closest gadget that can handle it's power and battery life at least for 7 hours..
PirateThom  +   1250d ago
Madden always seems to suffer on new platforms. One of the laziest development teams I've ever seen. New hardware? Repackage last year's game. Fairly certain the Wii U is getting the old version of Madden 13 as well.
Timurse  +   1250d ago
The guy above said a really good thing. Sony had to get Zipper to make COD Vita. Unit 13 (same as Uncharted) looked amazing as a handheld game. The same graphic engine would be perfect.
starman  +   1250d ago
Unfortunately Zipper was closed by Sony, for ruining the classic Socom franchise. So yeah not an option, however Guerrilla games would have been a good choice.
starman  +   1250d ago
(Takes deep breath)

I just can't stand seeing how Sony has mismanaged the Vita all along (even that name never seemed right) it should have had some amount of internal memory or at least made it like DS games that had built in memory and had it's exclusive games marketed more, also Sony should be getting it's A list developers to make real numbered games from the biggest IPs that they own and then we would have a worthy successor to the PSP. I hope for the best regardless.

End mini rant.
Braid  +   1250d ago
It seems like Activision just don't care about Vita yet. They probably believe that they'd sell 2-3 million at max on PSV whether or not they involve themselves into the game too much, and that's a quite low number for a company games of which sell 15-20 million units worldwide on PS3-Xbox 360.
#26 (Edited 1250d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SuperbVillain  +   1250d ago
I didn't want to,but I sold my VITA and got an Ipod. My Ipod has already been getting more use time than the VITA. Shame :/
breakpad  +   1250d ago
Sony dont pay anymore for poor western developed games (cod, bioshock, assasin creed ...) just get an exclusive Monster Hunter or an MGS title for the Vita..IS to simple make a turn to the japanese industry
DJ  +   1249d ago
This doesn't make sense. COD Black Ops Declassified isn't even done yet. The developers still have two months to polish the game up. I don't think it'll get advertised until its completely ready to show off.

And Resistance: Burning Skies is pretty awesome, so I have faith in Nihilistic.

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