WRC 3 - Console Demo confirmed for next week

Milestone has announced, a playable demo of WRC 3 coming next week for consoles.

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GamerElite2201d ago

Wish this game was release in North America

Hellsvacancy2201d ago

Just make an EU psn account and download it buddy (if youve got a PS3) heres a random street/emai address that will work

51 Knox Road
NN10 0AZ

[email protected]

joffa812201d ago

Does that include a ps vita demo as well or just for ps3, 360 and PC ???

core_52201d ago

no word on ps vita, but a PC Demo is also in the works

MGRogue20172201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

why no demo for ps vita version...? *pfft*

madeinLeeds2200d ago

I wish these were better cos Codemasters rally games have got worse and worse the more they make!!