Watch Free Comedy Stand-Up On PS3, App Schedule

Recognized by many as the #1 comedy club in the United States, the Laugh Factory has been stirring up laughs with the best in comedic talent since 1979. Several days ago, their first-ever streaming app launched exclusively on PS3 with a free trial period until the beta phase ends in November.

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slazer1012264d ago

Downloaded this app. Seems pretty good. Has a decent amount of vids in its library for just starting up. Have not checked out the streaming part yet so jury is still out. Also it showed the beta ending Dec 4 not Nov.

Rockefellow2264d ago

The app doesn't work for me. I've tried it several different times, and it always tells me I'm in the wrong region or something, incorrectly.

MANGLORD2264d ago

I was getting the same message and then it just worked. Not impressed The videos I saw were not funny. Some black guy talking bout how fat he was. Lame. some dude named ari also lame. The short guy from workaholiks wasnt even funny. watched a couple more totally lame and forgettable material.
Would not pay for service based on the previews I watched.