Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford: I'm just one guy, you know?

Player Attack: Randy Pitchford is a bit of a show pony. The man in the velvet jacket worked as a Hollywood magician while in college, and will happily perform card tricks for just about anyone who asks. But, it seems, he's getting a little sick of people promoting Gearbox Software's many gaming releases as simply "a Randy Pitchford production".

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mynameisEvil2291d ago

And I am 14 men, 3 women, and a dog in the shape of a cat, you know?

FinaLXiii2291d ago

Cant he hire someone for the job then?

vallencer2291d ago

Why hire someone to do the job he's doing when he's perfect at doing it?? People just think of him as the face of gearbox and what not because they only see him and he's always excited...its contagious haha.

FinaLXiii2290d ago

Im just saying he could split his tasks with someone else after all he´s the president of gearbox.

wallis2291d ago

Usual reminder that a company is more than just one person. It's a pretty standard and fair reminder to make but sometimes it feels a little conceited.

Enigma_20992291d ago

Could be worse, Randy... you could be turned into the next "Jade Raymond..."

Yes, I know that was more Ubisoft's fault than hers, but it was still annoying as hell.

Redgehammer2291d ago

Geeze..Borderlands, Halo, Minecraft, and TF2..i just don't have enough time, hands, or eyeballs..

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