Guild Wars 2 Way Over Rated

Blaine Smith of MMOGameCentral writes:

Seriously, what is with all the huge review scores surrounding Guild Wars 2? I’m not sure if ArenaNet have managed to bribe themselves into the pockets of the big review websites, but when searching I was shocked at the scores given

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SavageKuma2288d ago

Well you have to ask yourself are the reviews justified and on another note they are opinions just like yours right now. I think if I may why not do your own review with a score of your liking to see if people agrees with your thoughts on the game.

CaptainCamper2288d ago

It was more disagreeing with the fact they give it a 100% perfect score. I don't think any game should reach that level, but that's just me :D

I'll get a review up soon, good idea.

cleft52287d ago

I have heard this argument before about no game possibly being perfect and honestly that opinion is just another way of being biased. How can we know a game will or will not be perfect before we plays it? The fact that you are saying that no game should reach that level is just you declaring that before even playing a game your biases are in place.

It's not a sign of a good review or reviewer to say that no game can be perfect because what makes something perfect is completely subjective. Some people will swear up in and down that some of the worst games ever made are perfect. You know what, they aren't wrong for saying that because to them the game was perfect. Goodness knows people hold Monster Hunter in the highest light, yet the controls on those games are anything but idea.

The point I am getting at is that there is no universal standard for what defines a perfect game. Hell there is a big debate as to whether or not scores should even be used to review a game. So you saying that no game should ever reach the 100% level is just you forcing your opinion and way of thinking on everyone else. Also, if you go into a review thinking that a game is going to be a certain way, than any review you produce is going to be tainted by your own biases.

DragonKnight2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

@CaptainCamper: You understand don't you that a score of 10/10 or 100% does NOT mean a perfect and flawless game right? When those scores are given, they are given because the flaws that do exist are either so small as to be barely noticeable, or they do not detract from the total experience. Either that, or the game is just so good that you won't care about any minor flaws. Here's a review for you that I enjoyed about Guild Wars 2. It discusses the flaws of the game, but justifies why a 10/10 was the given score.

**EDIT** The video is like 30 minutes, if you want to get to the part where the score is, go to about the 28 minute mark.

CaptainCamper2287d ago


I'm aware of how a review system works, but how could anyone that has played GW2 for longer than a few hours give the game a perfect rating? I'd totally accept it as the opinion of an average player, but not from big name websites that have the experience of 1000s of reviews under their belt.

If a lackluster crafting system, a totally broken auction house and complete lack of end-game (outside of WvW) is considered perfect, I'm obviously playing the wrong MMO games.

Just before anything is assumed, I love Guild Wars 2 and play it daily. I just felt the rewards were seriously biased as ArenaNet obviously supplied the copies.

DragonKnight2287d ago

@CaptainCamper: Again, 10/10 does NOT mean perfect. If it did, none of the reviews that gave it such a score would bother mentioning any flaws within the game. 10/10 means "this game is a must buy game, you have to own it. it's so good that you won't care about any little problems in it and you'll sink so much of your time in it."

You see, that's where your problem is. You are failing to understand that a game can have flaws yet still be viewed as the "perfect" game for people. Perfect is in quotations because there is no universally accepted perfect game with no flaws. There never will be either. You need to remove the idea that 10/10 means no flaws from your mind and accept that 10/10 means that the game is just that damn good. Also, stop trying to accuse ArenaNet of buying perfect scores. It's always plain as day who bought perfect scores (MS with Halo 3 for example) and ArenaNet did no such thing.

Kaze882287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Nothing is perfect in this world, not even the games. Even tough the game x has its flaws, they can be overseen if the other mechanics etc are superb. Also you have to compare the price (also monthly subcription yes/no) and also compare game x on the other games of its genre (does it things better or differently).

so if a game x has good price value, gives lots of play hours and does things differently and better than others in its genre why couldnt this person give it 10/10 score cause its his/her OPINION?

"I just felt the rewards were seriously biased as ArenaNet obviously supplied the copies."

its normal that publisher gives review code build of the game or straight up the finished product to the reviewer (atleast on consoles and on big sites), also it should not affect the review score and since its so normal i think it hasnt.

How on earth you think that most reviews go up before the game comes out, well because they get the game from publisher beforehand. online games are impossible to review beforhand cause you need to experience the game when the servers are populated.

"If you’re looking for honest reviews, find some user reviews and ignore the big name sites."

Seriously? in this day and age its hard to find a place which is full of decent and honest user reviews.


metacritic is full of 10/10 or 0/10 reviews. ppl just stick with big gaming sites and make your own opinions, cause the reviews are just someones opinions.

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finite2288d ago

I stopped wow ages ago for good reasons as well, and there are plenty of other mmos that are 100x better than the big gun itself.. let go for userbase... Runescape 200 Million accounts, Guild wars 2 has the better graphics over many other mmos on the market.

The problem is peeps always goto every mmo and compare, and will go back to the MMO where there friends are at the end of the day. Guild Wars 2 does not deserve a perfect score, but it does deserve a high score nether the less.

strauser3602287d ago

I haven't read an article this bad in a long time.

CaptainCamper2287d ago

What a coincidence...I haven't read a comment that useless in a long time.


"This game is perfect but it has flaws"

Makes sense to you, it's obvious why the article didn't :D

strauser3602286d ago

You expect people to read user reviews and forget dedicated review sites? Are you an insane person? And out of the huge bunch of review sites out there, 3 websites give the obviously most ambitious MMO of this year, a perfect score, and that warrants you to go off the handle and complain. There is really no competition with this game either. Every other MMO is either WoW, a WoW clone, or something different that usually "isn't for them", Hence the perfect score. Games are usually rated by the competition and current industry standards, and this game has certainly lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I'm going to go play it now and kill people in PvP, bye.

DaThreats2287d ago

Its the best MMO in the market

CommonSense2287d ago

i have to agree, assuming you mean best MMORPG. I got it the other day and have really enjoyed it. It's definitely the next step beyond wow (which, btw, you couldn't say about SWTOR).

It's not perfect, but it's pretty great.

JsonHenry2287d ago

I think it is the best MMO ever. But then again, I get bored with MMOs within a month and I've already quit playing the game... so... yeah. Still think it is the best even though I've already stopped playing it.

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