The Ten Worst Handheld Role-Playing Plots

Pocket Gamer writes:

"At Pocket Gamer we often celebrate the best in gaming – take our Buyer's Guide for instance, or our list of ideal pre-school gaming. But there are times when you just have to admit that someone has gotten it all wrong. And there's nothing as lackeyed or clichéd than the plot of a bad role-playing game, and – let's face it – there are plenty of RPGs on PSP, DS and, these days, even mobile."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3843d ago

so true on Zelda. Same with Mario.

Always save the same princess who is a WHORE

GodsHand3843d ago

Zelda for the DS is a great game, has many new features that the other games did not.

That whole thing about her being in trouble all the time is a bunch of BS. No one ever gave a damm about Zelda: Majoras Mask which pretty much had nothing to do with her. So what would you expect the creators to go back to the main story line to appease the masses.

g4n3843d ago

any moron who would put Zelda and final fantasy on a "worst rpg" list should obviously be ignored. probably some lolBox fan who can't comprehend anything more complicated then simple FPS's like gaylo etc.

thisguywithhair3843d ago

This guy also seems to not know that there is already a FF movie out there, although you can't really blame him.

millertime83063843d ago

Not worst RPGs. Worst RPG plots. And Final Fantasy Is plot is pretty cliche. Of course it came out in the 80s and was one of the first big RPGs so you can't really blame it. As for the movie, he was saying that you shouldn't expect a movie based on the first game's story, not any final fantasy movie. Oh, and that movie's plot sucked too :)

desolationstorm3843d ago

It was talking about plots, so why not include zelda games. Those games are more about the gameplay then a plot. I dont mind I play everyone of them because I love these games.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi3843d ago

link and mario, stories suck gameplay rules.

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