Time Extend: Final Fantasy VIII

One of the most often maligned entries in the Final Fantasy series deserves another visit.

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FaSCoRP2287d ago

This is the best one, period

wishingW3L2287d ago

the game's good and it was my first FF game but between FF6 all through FFX, FF8 was the weakest.

Hicken2286d ago

Can't agree with that. VIII is still my favorite, with pretty much every aspect ranking first or second. Story, music, characters, etc.

yokokoroma2286d ago

FF VIII redefined Final Fantasy, the gameplay mechanics of VIII, are the best ever seen in the series, as was the GF's (which I call any summon from FF's after VIII) Eden (greatest GF to ever exist in a FF game) Bahamut, Leviathan, Doomtrain, etc... The limit breaks were (and still are) amazing, especially Squall's and Zell's. FF VIII just offered hours and hours of fun, that kept players on their toes. It also contains one of the hardest bosses in the series, Ultimecia. The way VIII was structured was perfect, and I have yet to see a FF game after it match it.

jjb19812286d ago

I never finished it but now I think ill buy it for vita...

Kratoscar20082286d ago

The best FF period, the first one that gave SE the reputation of offering the games with the best graphics and CGs, the first realistic characters in the series, the best FF couple in Squall and Rinoa, the first to not made use of swap pallette monsters and 99% of them being unique in Design, the best Final Battle, the best enemies (The hardest malboro to date), the best GF (Diablo and Eden for the Win) and the best ability system in the Junction System.

Its simply an amazing game.

belac092286d ago

i had a gamesave for ff 8 just before the final boss and my GF saved over it accidently,i am replaying it on the vita and it is seriously the best way to play it, short of an hd remake.