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Sizzon2085d ago

My top 5:

1. GTA: Vice City (one of the best games ever made in my opinion, the 80's soundtrack, the scarface feel to it and much more, so awesome)

2. GTA: San Andreas
4. GTA: Liberty City Stories
5. GTA: IV

Derekvinyard132085d ago

amen to that brother. vice city was perfect

vickers5002085d ago

Loved the vibrant graphics on Vice City.

blitz06232084d ago

Vice City hands down. I'm surprised with all these HD collections coming out GTA hasn't had one yet.

jkuli62085d ago

Absolutely. Which is why we need an HD remake of Vice City!

tachy0n2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

DAFUQ? i've played all GTA's im a huge GTA fan i actually own all GTA's, GTA San andreas is clearly better, conspiracies, huge map, etc, its the best gta to date.

roguewarrior2084d ago

Though i loved San An, Vice City is king. It was like playing "the best gangster movies from the 80s: The Game". R* nailed the atmosphere, Sound track, ect. Pure gaming goodness.

Outside_ofthe_Box2085d ago

Can't go wrong with SA or VC being number 1

For me

1. San Andreas
2. Vice City
3. GTA 3
4. GTA 4
5. Liberty City Stories

Pushagree2085d ago

Vice City was good, but it gets far more credit than it deserves. Even though it added a lot to the series in terms of voice acting and story, the gameplay was still largely unchanged from GTA 3. The aiming was broken, the clunky FPS right stick camera was still there, most of the buildings were not enterable, and the map was about the same size. San Andreas actually fixed everything that was wrong with the GTA series up to the point save for the bad car shooting controls. It had the whole package. A giant map, original story, full character customization, diverse soundtrack, every vehicle you could think of, an arsenal of weapons, endless cheats, gang turf wars, car customization, 2 player co op, and hours of sidequests and mini games. It so many things that even GTA IV couldnt add them all it when next gen hit. That should tell you how much of a powerhoused monster San Andreas was. It's the king of Sandbox.

MysticStrummer2084d ago

Vice City was the only GTA I didn't care enough about to finish. It's a good game and everything, but I don't understand the love it gets.

As for SA having so many features that they couldn't be put in GTA4...

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ape0072085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Grand Theft Auto is perhaps my favorite game ever EVER, mybest gta games are

1-Vice City

2-San andrease

3 and 4- GTA III and GTA IV

vice city is the best ever, san andrease is huge,limitless, endless, GTA IV is the most polished, detailed and mind blowing\awe inspiring , GTA III is the 1st shocker

BTW im also a huge fan of rockstar north's or DMA's N64 Game called BODY HARVEST, it is a highly underrated classic

Chard2085d ago

Respect for acknowledging Body Harvest, bro.

hadouken1822085d ago

The series doesn't have enough games for this kinda list. This ain't final fantasy. Gtfo

Monkeycan82085d ago

there are 12 GTA's so I think that is a reasonable number.

KingofGambling2085d ago

San Andreas for me since that's the only GTA game that I finish.

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