Will Ground Zeroes Lead Into A Metal Gear 1 Remake?

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was recently revealed and has already garnered massive hype. The game marks the return of series protagonist Big Boss, and although the time period hasn’t been definitively established, it appears to be in the mid-to-late 80s. Originally, it was thought to be even later, as the first gameplay footage of Ground Zeroes showed a decidedly older-looking snake, with grayish,almost white hair. However, series creator Hideo Kojima has since shot this theory down, tweeting recently that the gray-haired Snake was a result of “rim lighting”. He had a member of his team re-render an image of Snake without the goggles to show him with his brown hair.

There’s also a child shown in the demo. He isn’t addressed by name, but he could *possibly* be Chico, although he looks a bit too young – Chico should look a bit older considering that he was 12 in 1974, when Peace Walker took place. He also plugs a Walkman into his chest, and it was never mentioned that Chico had any kind of robotics. A more likely possibility in our eyes is that this is a young Raiden, who was born in the early 80s- it’s been established that he’s a child soldier. But Kojima loves to throw red herrings at us and surprise the fans- it could even be Solid Snake in the cage for all we know. The disfigured person talking to the kid calls him a traitor, and says to give his regards to his Boss- it’s capitalized in the subtitles.

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TCG_Returns2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

How is this mid or late 80's?
Peace walker was set in 74. and that is chico, according to that announcer.Chico looks about the same age as he did in peace walker, just seems different compared to the mere PSP rendition.

Another thing, in the trailer, they talk of paz just recently being found floating in the ocean 10 days past.

Which must be very, very soon after the ending of Peace walker where she fell in the water.
I doubt she floated around for a decade.

MetalArcade2289d ago

They said they found out she was alive 10 days ago, that doesn't mean her body couldn't have been recovered a long time ago. They never say she was found floating 10 days ago. It just says 10 days ago, we got reports that Paz was alive. They mention that Chico is in the same camp, but I don't think that the kid shown was him. This is just my opinion based on Kojima throwing red herrings at us in trailers.

TCG_Returns2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

just throwing my two cents out there.Everyone seems to be saying 80's for some reason.To me it just seems 74 is the only practical timing.Who knows, i could be wrong.

crxss2289d ago

would be pretty sweet to see a MG1 + 2 remake, but since this is a "Prologue" to MGS5 i don't think we'll see it soon.

MetalArcade2289d ago

Also if you read the article, I mention that the gun he is using in the demo is an FN FNC, or Fabrique Nationale Carabine, which was first put into production in 1979.

GenericNameHere2289d ago

LOTS of games/movies have historical inaccuracies. Doesn't mean the game will take place around that time

WeskerChildReborned2289d ago

Yea true, it was also confirmed that Big Boss wasn't old and that the lighting just made it look like he had grey hair.

Freakazoid20122289d ago

A remake of the original Metal Gear would be really cool. I usually do not like remakes but as old as the first one was it's not a bad idea IMO. Its not like a lot of remakes now that just came out last gen.

MetalArcade2288d ago

Exactly, I would love that. Kojima at the time didn't have all this built up history and technology when he made Metal Gear 1, and I think a remake would really tie the stories of Solid Snake and Big Boss together.

AlucardFury2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

A second remake? Being Twin Snakes the first one. I really wish Konami would've worked something out with Nintendo so they could've make it available with the HD collection. Anyways, Kojima said this would be a prologue to MGS5. Having seen Ground Zeroes timeline, now it makes sense why Peace Walker was included in the collection.

Donnywho2289d ago

Not a Metal Gear Solid remake. Metal Gear, for the MSX. 2 different games.

AlucardFury2289d ago

You're right, big FAIL on my part.

Donnywho2288d ago

Nah I've made the same mistake more than once.

vork772289d ago

i like to see this remake if it done right

Whitefox7892288d ago

Kojima has expressed his views on a Metal Gear remake he said that, We've come a long way since Metal Gear 1 + 2 came out; and looking back on those games a lot of things in plot don't make sense anymore. If he had to do redo the original games he feels he would have to rewrite the entire story which is something he would rather not do.

He was also questioned about a possible Metal Gear Solid remake saying he would want it to be on the scale of MGS4 however he doesn't have the time to make it himself but is always looking out for someone else that could possibly help him with it.