Developer Review: Ninja Theory

Opinion piece that reviews Ninja Theory as a developer and their Public Relations with fans.

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prototypeknuckles2260d ago

they are not master story tellers ill give them heavenly sword but enslaved was prince of persia 08 with the ability to die, and an annoying companion

NewMonday2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

they are great with art and cinematics that is it

prototypeknuckles2259d ago

ill give them that, but besides that, nothing else

NewMonday2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

double post

Ultr2259d ago

They always have me at their trailers and the great vision they have for the games, but when it comes to play it... man I was so disappointed playing Enslaved...
However Heavenly Sword is a Masterpiece when it comes to Characters, so I forgive them everything in that game.. BUT NOT ANYMORE!
Now I want more from DMC, We got enough games to choose at the beginning of next year, so NT you better do your best and beyond..

NewMonday2259d ago

the latest DmC trailer gave me such a headache from bad camera movement, and the fighting was far from smooth

DragonKnight2259d ago

Yeah, NT have learned to manipulate trailers to make a game seem better than it is. That's one of the reasons all these people who are saying "you have to try out DmC before you judge it" should know why people don't even want to do that. NT have made 2 games that don't deliver, though Heavenly Sword was decent at best.

Godmars2902260d ago

They get too much credit as story tellers.

Yes HS had an interesting story,but much of it came off as out of place camp to me. The bit with the king at least ever though it was still generally good/funny, there was still a sense that he was subbing from a different and less serious title.

They also have problems with gameplay balancing.

Ritsujun2259d ago

NT studio theme song is by JB

fei-hung2259d ago

They can do graphics and story telling, but they are not masters at them.

The likes of TellTale games are masters at story telling. ND are masters at blending cinema with gameplay, many studios are masters at crafting great gameplay mechanics.

Unfortunately, NT are best at trash talking and hyping themselves and their game as well as shifting blame on people.

As for Heavenly Sword (my 1st PS3 game); the game was good apart from the broken difficulty curve when you get to the last boss. I wouldnt say it was great as hack n slash mechanics were done better in previous games on the PS2 and Xbox.

Enslaved on the other hand was just annoying. From Monkey himself right down to crapy ending.

DragonKnight2259d ago

Ok, perhaps "masters" was an over-exaggeration. The point is that they do storytelling better than they do anything else.

fei-hung2259d ago

Agreed. Also loved the art direction in HS. NT are sitting on a lot of potential (the devs), but need good or better leadership.

DragonKnight2259d ago

True. Tameem needs to shut up. Have you noticed how many developers are viewed negatively because of the stupidity of their leaders?

Xperia_ion2259d ago

You've played one of their games you played them all. The speed of their combat engine is always the same. Platnuim> Ninja Thoery cause the games they make feels different then the last.

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