3D Realms Art Director talks Duke Nukem: Forever

Down in Front recently sat down with 3D Realms Art Director Tramell "T-Ray Isacc for an exclusive interview on the highly anticipated title Duke Nukem: Forever

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YoMeViet3365d ago

I expect to play this game in in the year 2025

mighty_douche3365d ago

WOW! you on the development team then???

Shotgun3365d ago

I say bring back Duke Nukem 3d, put it on XBLA for now. Until Forever is ready..

GlossGreen3365d ago

this is vaporware. Until the game is actually released, I won't believe it. I hope it does come out though, that would be really cool if it did.

Mcrmarcher3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

I probly be bout 90 when this comes out, just saying when this game comes out it better be the best thing since sliced bread seriously. whats it been 10 years now....

tientch13364d ago

man I am not a FPS type gamer but
DAAAAMMMMNNNN can't wait for this game
will bring back some nice souvenirs