IGN- Valve Reveals Gaming Headset, Big Picture Test Date

Valve has provided our first look at its gaming headset, plus plans for a public test of Big Picture. Revealed by Valve’s Gordon Stoll to The New York Times, the headset could “let players lose themselves inside a virtual reality and, eventually, blend games with their views of the physical world.”

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Swiggins2261d ago

Either Valve are about to troll us all Massively, or they're about to introduce the next step in Videogame entertainment....

I'm really really hoping it's the latter.

xAlmostPro2261d ago

Title may be slightly misleading. Valve are not creating a headset or releasing it. They just happen to think augmented reality/glasses are the next major step in gaming and are trying to show this/create the tools to help this happen.

They do not often create hardware in mass and don't plan to do so but they'll do what they can to help push gaming in the direction they think it should go.

grailly2261d ago

I dont' think wearing something on your head is the next step, I sure hope not anyway.

Laxman2261d ago

I agree!

I think the next step is to leave it how it is, with gamers either relaxing on thier couch with a controller and a TV, or sitting at thier computer with a mouse & keyboard (whichever they prefer), and just making the content that we're playing bigger and better.

xAlmostPro2261d ago

Well if you take a look at google glasses they are far more subtle