Rollcage, Omega Boost and Devil Dice coming to PlayStation Network?

The French rating company, PEGI has updated its website with three listing that could reveal which PlayStation one games will be appearing on the PlayStation Network next.

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bOOmStiCK3514d ago

Rollcage and Devil Dice were kickass PSx games.

Draugr3514d ago

Omega Boost is also a great game, very underrated. I'd definitely buy it if I didn't already own the original.

Luca Blight3514d ago

to play on the PSP!

By the way, those are some good choices - Devil Dice (overlooked gem), Omega Boost (good shooter) and Rollcage (decent - good racer)

Zip3514d ago

we get good old classics :D ... and xbots keeps saying there arent any games out for the ps3? LOL

ShinFuYux3514d ago

Now that's a good classic.

factory3514d ago

if they bring devil dice to american psn... i will make a purchase..really great multiplayer

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