Dead or Alive 5 interview: Hayashi on fight “entertainment”

Dead or Alive 5 developer Team Ninja believes its concept of ‘Fighting Entertainment’ will further the genre as a whole. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with director Yosuke Hayashi to find out why.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Ryo in Dead Or Alive!? By Yevon make it happen!!!!

Other than that, if Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown is truly the last game in the franchise, I say Sega might as well put all of it's characters in DOA (which kinda would fit with the title, honestly).

I also wish the "super moves" were elaborated on more because judging by what I have seen, it looks cool and all but takes players out of the chaotic combat which the title takes pride upon.

wishingW3L2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

when this guy talks it seems like he knows what he is saying but after playing Ninja Gaiden 3 I'm not so sure anymore. NG3 has to be he biggest piece of garbage I have played since FFXIII.

And Dead or Alive 4 came out in 2005 not 2008.

DivineAssault 2259d ago

CE of this game for me.. I seen some videos on it & it got me pumped to beat some a$$ w jan lee n tina.. Not interested in tekken tag 2.. Trophy unlocked!