Fan recreates Shenmue in CryEngine 3 - This is what Shenmue would look like with a modern-day engine

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘john1990′ wanted to see what Shenmue 3 would look like with today’s engines and decided to recreate Ryo Hazuki’s room in CryEngine 3. According to the modder, all models were created with blender and exported with cryblend, while textures were created with GIMP 2.8."

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sinncross1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I would hope the game looked better than that tbh

but good effort on the designers` part.

inveni01691d ago

Yeah, that's pretty bad. They could have gotten better textures from cgtextures, and even taken game models from turbosquid's free section. But they didn't.

Bloodraid1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'm personally getting sick of these articles at this point...

It's just people ripping assets from an old game, and importing them into a new engine and doing literally nothing else with it.

It's lazy and pointless, why do these articles keep getting put up?

Edit: Just read the description, he made the assets, but my point still stands. It's lazy and pointless.

-Mika-1692d ago

That was made in CryEngne 3. I thought it was better than that.

JellyJelly1692d ago

Depends on how good the developer using it is. Or how much resources he has.

egidem1691d ago

Exactly as JellyJelly said it.

The engine being used is the same, but how people use it to create their stuff is different.

They're probably using the free version on Crytek's website. The paid version costs a hefty $1M to license.

GrahamGolden1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

then why dont YOU try it for a change ?
instead laughing at others,all u do is trolling dude go back and play your crappy ff13 game.

CRY ENGINE by vets devs MMO FPS

anw on topic,,,nicely done john

MaxXAttaxX1691d ago

Wow someone took that to personally.
Why would he need to try it? All he said was that he thought Cry3 was better than that and you assumed he was laughing or mocking whoever made this. Calm down.

Kurylo3d1691d ago

Sad thing is .. its not the engines fault.. its that the guy is a shitty artist. If you plop crap in any engine... it will look like crap.

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SPARDA_4261692d ago

I was thinking it would look like Crysis, guess I was mistaken.

Godmars2901692d ago

But I bet you it couldn't recreate the fighting engine.

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