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Submitted by Venomousfatman 1252d ago | opinion piece

Fall Games You Must Play

The Fall is upon us and the hardcore gaming season is right around the corner. There are a ton of new releases coming out, so much so that not everyone will be able to play through them all. At the same time, many already have a clear idea of which games they will be purchasing leading into the holiday winter season. So while those of you who are eagerly waiting for the hardcore season triple A titles to come out, here are some games that will satisfy your appetite till then. Check out our full list of games that everyone should check out this fall. Tis the season of gaming, and there's plenty of games to go around for everyone.

While not in any specific order, each one of these games will make anyone's fall special. All of the games have release windows from the months of September to October, any other games releasing afterwards are more towards the winter season. There is a nice mixture of games that will fit anyone's taste in gaming. Check out our full rundown. (Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, PS3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Xbox 360)

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omi25p  +   1252d ago
For me its

Halo 4
Resident Evil 6
Borderlands 2
Hitman Absolution
Hitman HD Trilogy
rbailey  +   1252d ago
Man I completely forgot about Hitman Absolution. My wallet will be empty by the time December rolls around lol.
guitarded77  +   1252d ago
For me it's:

Forza Horizon
Ragnarok Odyssey
Super Mario U
Zombie U
Far Cry 3
LBP Vita
New Little King's Story
BlOps 2
Killzone HD

I didn't even know about the Hitman Trilogy... I'll be getting that for sure. It's gonna get expensive. Along with the first part of next year, I'm gonna have to work some overtime.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1252d ago
Lol your going to be broke

Mine are

Borderlands 2

Got to limit since Im in Uni
TruthSeeker  +   1252d ago
Borderlands2 and AC3 are all I need !
Mutant-Spud  +   1252d ago
Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 on 360 and Endless Space on PC for me.
TheRealSpy  +   1251d ago
i have both of those pre-ordered and paid for (borderlands for PC though...just built a new beast comp). and last night, just for the heck of it, i got guild wars 2. so much fun.

i hate to say it, but i think dishonored and AC3 are going to have to wait til next year. though i might still get liberation for vita so i can actually play the thing. :-P
Irishguy95  +   1251d ago
Far Cry 3

Borderlands 2 - Just got the first on PS+ if I like it i'll get 2.
PS All stars - Depending on how other Smash bros fans like it(compared to SB)
RE6 - Re4 was brilliant and RE5 was alright, i'll just wait and see how this one turns out.

If I get a WiiU then it depends on whats out, if I get a Vita it also depends on what's out.
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BattleAxe  +   1251d ago
Borderlands 2 is all I need this Fall, and in December I'll be getting Far Cry 3.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1252d ago
assassins creed 3 (ps3 version +ihr)
rbailey  +   1252d ago
This is a GREAT list. I'm personally hoping DISHONORED does extremely well.

Bioshock: Infinite was originally supposed to come out next month before getting delayed until 2013. Dishonored will definitely benefit from this more then anyone else.

Also Assassin's Creed III and Resident Evil 6 both look fun as well.
Relientk77  +   1252d ago
Can't wait for

Borderlands 2
Assassin's Creed III

and I am keeping Dishonored on my radar for sure
guitarded77  +   1252d ago
After seeing the episode of GTTV where they showed Dishonored, that game went really high on my list. It looks pretty awesome, and adds some really original gameplay elements.
Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder  +   1251d ago
Dude same here dishonored looks like its going to be up there with the big boys , and not to metion AC3 and Borderlands 2
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ZHZ90  +   1252d ago
Assassin's Creed III PS3.
SilentNegotiator  +   1252d ago
I don't know how I'd live without another Assassin's Creed.

Just like Madden 2013.
Hazmat13  +   1252d ago
FarCry 3 and Black Ops 2. then after that its Metro Last Light and Last Of Us.
Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder  +   1251d ago
Dude if u want to play black ops 2 play MW2 ,MW3, BLOPS 1 its all the same thing
aviator189  +   1252d ago
I've got my mind set on two, maybe three games this fall.

-Halo 4
-AC 3
-Borderlands 2
JimboG  +   1252d ago
Same here.
snowman2149  +   1252d ago
Borderlands 2
NFS Most Wanted
Halo 4
Black Ops 2
PS All stars
GTRrocker666  +   1252d ago
Hitman Absolution...

Thats about it until 2013
J6  +   1252d ago
These games may be just what i need to break my Skyrim addiction once and for all.
AlucardFury  +   1252d ago
Borderlands 2
Halo 4
Zone of the Enders HD Collection
Paper Mario Sticker Star
mt  +   1252d ago
this is not the best fall games line-up. I don't like playing any of these except AC3 maybe.
Lord_Sloth  +   1252d ago
DoA5, Borderlands 2, and RE6. All of which made the list. XXXD
Sizzon  +   1252d ago
Assassins Creed 3
Halo 4
Hitman: Absolution
Playstation: All-Stars

But I'm also kinda interested in Dishonored.
schlanz  +   1252d ago
PS Allstars
Tacklebait  +   1252d ago
I admit I play mostly on console but right now.

Guild Wars 2 is awesome, top of my list hands down right now.
Playing through halo 3 campaign co-op style.
Borderlands 2(Definitely) and NHL 13(Maybe)
BLOPS 2(I want to say I'll skip it but I can't this time around)
Halo 4(Will take up most of my time when its out)
Assassins Creed 3 (Most Likely, we will see)
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Xperia_ion  +   1252d ago
PlayStation all stars
ACIII Liberation
Persona 4 Golden
Holeran  +   1251d ago
I'm more stoked for Borderlands 2 than any other game but I know i'm getting Far Cry 3 and PS All Stars as well.
rbailey  +   1251d ago
I think alot of people sleeping on Far Cry 3. I personally hope that game turns out good. Since it comes out in December, it doesn't really have alot of other games to compete against unless you count Hawken and Super Mario Brothers U.
Roccetarius  +   1251d ago
Borderlands 2 and Dishonored, that's pretty much what i'll play.
YodaCracker  +   1251d ago
This list is sorely missing Forza Horizon. A beautiful open world game with the details and physics of Forza Motorsport. No doubt it is going to be one of the highest rated games of the year and I can't wait to play it! It hasn't gotten enough publicity yet.
Abdou23  +   1251d ago
Hitman & Dishonored after price drop.
rbailey  +   1251d ago
Don't forget... If you don't buy these games on day one you can definitely expect some price cuts on Black Friday.. Probably not Hitman Absolution, but definitely applies to some of the rest
GamerElite  +   1251d ago
Absolution release same week as black Friday so not likely. Maybe cyber Monday. Games release in Sept-October will probably be on sale.
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OMEGAZONE  +   1251d ago
Borderlands 2 has broken 2K's record for preorders!
execution17  +   1251d ago
Okami/Killzone HD
MoH: Warfighter
and Borderlands 2
>.> I'd add more but being broke so options are limited
yweuijhbcf   1251d ago | Spam
ninjahunter  +   1251d ago
Well, Time to get a second job.
taquito  +   1251d ago
dark souls prepare to die, diablo 3 and guild wars 2 are by far the best games i've played all year, getting sleeping dogs next most likely, disappointed with starhawk big time, thought it was gonna be great as i freaking loved warhawk back in the day.....not so much, it was a huge let down,

ghost recon future soldier was mediocre, bf3 expansion was better imo, max payne 3, mehhhh....... CS GO was also kind of weak imo

looking forward to Starcraft 2 HoTS (which, hopefully, please, please, please will be out this year) halo 4 and X-Com on pc, thats about all im really pumped for, ohhhh and natural selection 2 on steam, looks badass, and maybe that baldurs gate remake, though i wonder why the hell they aren't showing any gameplay
BelieveinGhosts  +   1251d ago
since when is Halo 4 on PC?
taquito  +   1251d ago
unlike you probably, i own every platform, ps3/360/wii/ds/psp/iphone/ps2 and emulators up the wazzooo to play games you pay for over and over and over again for my one time fee

i just choose to, whenever possible, play on the best available platform for said title, which, when available is always, 100% of the time, pc

sadly, i will have to play halo 4 on my dusty ass, 8 year old 360 that has not seen a game since gears 3, which was fun for about 2 weeks online, and the story was retarded as usual

and, so you know, every game comes to pc eventually

while you wait for kingdom hearts 1 and 2 in hd, i have already done it in 1080p at 60 frames with 16x anti aliasing, better than ps3 and 360 combined could ever do, along with every other ps2 classic i own

soon i will be playing uncharted 3 without the AWFUL jaggies and sub-hd looking textures, yes, i already played it on my 7 year old ps3 and it looked so medicore.

every game comes to pc eventually

and every game coming to pc
BelieveinGhosts  +   1251d ago
1) Halo 4
2) Forza Horizon
3) Hitman Absolution
4) Call of Duty Black Ops 2
5) Bordalands 2
6) Transformers fall of Cybertron or Far Cry 3 or Medal of Honour War fighter
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