Devil May Cry 4 reviewed by Eurogamer

From the review by Eurogamer's Kristan Reed:

"When we finished DMC3, we wondered what Capcom would do with new hardware. The answer is not an awful lot. The visuals are better, the combat's more accessible, the upgrade system's pleasingly flexible, but in practically every other sense Capcom has passed up the opportunity to do something new and exciting. After more than seven years, the Devil May Cry series finds itself in the same kind of safe, reliable trough that Resident Evil was in before Resi 4. DMC4 can still fall back on rock-solid combat mechanics and some standout moments, but it feels as though it's comfortable to slowly refine what was good about previous versions rather than evolve into something spectacular."

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Le-mo3790d ago

I don't get it. If Devil May Cry 4 stuck to the same formula as DMC and DMC 3 and both games got mostly 9's then how did DMC 4 get such low rating? Look at Halo 3, the formula didn't change much or none at all and yet it got 10's and 9's everywhere.

DivDee3789d ago

People expect too much of games these days.

Genki3789d ago

Sorry, but I think after seven years and a whole generational leap, it's about time for a substantial change. Reason you can complain about it is because we've seen substantial changes elsewhere. Middleware like Euphoria and DMM is being implemented into Star Wars, new techniques and paradigms are being pioneered in Killzone, and heck, a few years ago Resident Evil saw a revamp.

I don't think there's any excuse for resting on your laurels, especially when there's so much more to achieve. If we were working with the Playstation 7 and XBox 6 and graphics looked real with perfect physics...then maybe. As of right now though, there's plenty more to achieve, and some just aren't cutting it. IMO, a new console with fundamentally old gameplay is a travesty. Look at Tekken. It's been the same since Tekken 3...on the PSONE.

Anyway, this isn't to say that these games are bad, EG still likes DMC, but the point is that you kind of have to expect a bit better with a new generation. It quite literally comes with the territory. New CPUs, better GPUs, more RAM, bandwidth, etc. just cries for more sophisticated techniques. When I don't see that, I'm left saying WTF myself.

You can't have progress without having higher expectations, it's just the way of the world.

OmegaKulu3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Sorry Genki, but i have to disagree with u here, games are games, and their basic mechanics are the same through out history. "substantial change" never happened, every type of game (fps/rts/rpg/arpg/racing/etc) stay the same in their fundamental aspect, the only thing thats different through each generation is a fresh coat of paint, something that makes it "looks" different.

Say star wars with Euphoria and DMM, it does give you more option in terms of way u use your ability, but the fact is that you still killing a bunch of people to get to the next stage of the story(none the less i'm looking forward to it a lot)

Now on to DMC4, a lot of people need to realize, DMC is a franchise, and it is completely build of their combo system, dialog(crappy but somehow appealing as a game) any changes in each of the new installment have to be careful NOT to effect the fundamental of the franchise, or they might as well make a whole different game. So if anyone want something completely new, franchise game is not your pick, simple as that. Asking to high of DMC is like asking Berger King to cook you a steak with red wine for drink.

Coke-a-Cola3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I wanted this game until I played the Demo .......I will just go back and play 1 and 3 if i want the kick. ....... Perhaps I am being a bit hard here. It is after all a startling production.

But the amazing BuZZZZZZ is missing .................

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3789d ago

Like Halo right? It definitely evolved there didn't it.

Omicron3789d ago

This game is crap under "next-gen" clothes.

Le-mo3789d ago

Next time you go around bashing games at least list your reasonings. If not then it just make you look like a dumb***.

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