Gamer dies while trying to flee PSP attackers

A gamer flees two would be thieves and gets ran into by a truck. He later died at a local hospital of head trauma.

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YoMeViet3848d ago

Dang, being a gamer in this day and age can be dangerous. Feel sorry for the guy, I mean i would have done the same and ran but that was some bad luck he had. Those two robbers suck, stealing a PSP...where I live you can get a psp (phat of course, and stolen at the least) for $40, $50 with a duo memory card.

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SilPho3848d ago

My thoughts go out to the friends and family of this guy. At only 17 years old this is really upsetting.

And @2: Consider yourself reported.

DTClown3848d ago

We need more capital punishment to keep these idiots from acting out!

Highwayman3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Exactly that's some of the problem with today so many people have too many feelings. "oh don't kill the criminal who was responsible for the death of X amont of people" Yeah and like if he had a choice he would murder the person trying to keep him alive. We need more harsh punishments again, like Hanging, firing sqaud, or too save ammo and rope a good ol' clubbing to death.
What's even more pathetic is that our money goes towards feeding these criminals and taking care of them, now that's sad.

As for the kid, that's too bad, too young. He's in a better place now with every game system he could ever want to have, hopefully. My regards to the family. They'll see him again one day.

LeShin3847d ago

^^Bubbles to you Highwayman

brocool3847d ago

woah highwayman.. doesn't killing them put us on their level, besides.. sure we pay to keep them in jail, but from the countless documentaries I've seen they're either getting gang-raped, stabbed.. or both, for the rest of their miserable lives. Seems like a fate worse than death to me.

HardcoreGamer3848d ago

i bet you tho those robbers wont sleep at night for some time to come.

my regards to the family

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The story is too old to be commented.