The Current Console Dynamic – Room For Anyone Else?

This industry doesn’t half feel cramped sometimes. Three major hardware providers fighting tooth and nail to attract the attention of the public and the enthusiasts alike. Three home consoles which can be considered successes in terms of sales and market penetration. Add to this mix the handheld sphere, the ever present PC gaming scene and new frontiers like those found on touchpads and mobile phones. In the past gaming was never big enough to support so many manufacturers. Now for the first time we have a generation in which all these branching corners of the gaming world seem able to co-exist happily. The question is, with another generation on the horizon, will this last?

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Bigpappy1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

It would have to be completely different and inovative or even more developer friendly (make and save them money).

linkratos1922d ago

Sounds like the Wii U actually.

Armyntt1921d ago

Hell yea Google should make one.

Jazz41081922d ago

Another quality n4g article with a typo in the first sentence.

taquito1922d ago

theres been room for years, consoles are almost dead, stagnant, same crap, regugitations of old ps2 games in "hd" that isnt even hd (720p ain't hd to me, maybe in 2004) and part 4 of every [email protected]%ING game because the things have been out for 8 years, its amazing people even consider them to be current gen, ps3/360 have looked and performed last gen for 3 years.

NeoTribe1922d ago

Yet consoles are still more appealing and sell more than pc :)

taquito1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

you must be new, consoles are on the decline, digital revenues like steam, amazon, greenman gaming, gamers gate and pc mmos, freetoplay, microtransaction ect... are making exponentially more money than ps3 and 360 COMBINED!

MysticStrummer1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

@taquito - That depends on which numbers you look at. Some say PC gaming revenues already surpassed consoles and some say they're forecast to do so in the near future, with the actual year again varying according to which prediction you look at. For example, last september NVIDIA said PC gaming revenues will pass consoles in 2014. lol @ including "free to play" among the PC money makers though. Anyway, console gaming is far from "dead". PC gaming was closer to dead a few years ago than consoles are now, and PC gaming made a comeback.

Doesn't matter to me anyway. I did the PC gaming thing for a couple of years and came back to consoles for good. If Sony stops making consoles I may try PC gaming again, but until then I'm all about my PS for gaming.

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