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Chinese game uses characters from famous games without authorization- Ezio, Kratos and even IronMan!

China is known for producing a range of consumer electronics and accessories that are "inspired" by other famous, but this practice seems to repeat itself until the games released there. The online game The Legend of Dao Sheng decided to put some adventure in Western characters, but without the permission of their creators, of course. These include Kratos (God of War) and Iron Man, Marvel Comics.

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Muffins12231420d ago

This is just pathetic.China needs to get there shit together with copyright issues

Nimblest-Assassin1420d ago

Well... I like the assassin design... looks like someone from feudal china... but why are you guys so surprised? Lots of chinese manufacturers steal IPs, product design,etc


This isn't new.. this happens a lot

prototypeknuckles1420d ago

GAO-RANGER & SQNY, haha lmao they only had one power ranger in the pack and a bunch of random heroes, XD

inveni01420d ago

Happens a lot != happens justifiably.

AO1JMM1420d ago

That doesnt make it ok.

doogiebear1419d ago

What do u care? Really man

prototypeknuckles1420d ago

wow i think its crazy how he didnt even try to change them even a little they look just like the original, except for iron man but its clearly there, smh

vork771420d ago

Thats just sad I smell a law suit

Sarcasm1420d ago

Won't happen. It's sold to China's market only and the characters have different names.

Otherwise, Apple would have sued long ago for all those Apple store KERFs.

Summons751420d ago

if apple had the chance they would sue everyone and there grandmother because they have probably eaten an apple at least once in their life.

extermin8or1420d ago

many people have sued, but it's ery simple in china- the state and law will always side on what it considers to be to it's own benefit-they don't play ball with copyright like pretty much every other country in the world does end of

specialguest1420d ago

Not only did they infringed on every aspects of Apple possible, they've even stolen Steve Jobs image. lol!

hkgamer1420d ago

its almost impossible to sue a chinese company in china.
they will just say it looks nothing like it.

look at all their cars, phones, watches, clothes, shoes, amusement parks, giant robot gundam lookalikes. Anyway its almost impossible to sue, so just don't bother with it

hennessey861420d ago

in the world being made in China these days, I don't think anyone will do anything about this.

GrahamGolden1420d ago

sony should sue them same for marvel

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The story is too old to be commented.