Not every Wii U game will use MotionPlus


I actually thought this was pretty well-known, but it’s always nice to receive another confirmation. This should mean that you can use your old Wiimotes, without the MotionPlus, for some titles. I thought that was known for the most part as well – now there’s absolutely no reason to worry.

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Qrphe2289d ago

Meh, WiiMotion+ should be a standard by now. Regardless, I do hope the use of the Wiimote goes onto a second plane for the Wii U just like the Move has for the PS3 without it becoming a major part of every game.

Freakazoid20122289d ago

I would actually like to see it being used without being hindered by outdated control methods. Games like Skyward swords wouldnt be possible with a normal controller. I want to see games evolve not stagnate because they are being held back by limited input methods.
BoomBlox, Zack and wiki, Any rail shooter, RTS, just arent possible in a fun playable form using things like Dualshock or the 360 controller.

My fans who track me will disagree out of blind hatred of course but its no less true.

Qrphe2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I do agree that the main current input methods for consoles should be expanded but the way the Wii tried to do it was far from something I would have desired in the general sense even if it did work for some games. And I know this is more of an opinion than an observation (just like yours is) but I found Skyward Sword far from perfect specially in the input department.

I also agree that dual thumbsticks aren't the best way to play every game. I just wish one of the big 3 had the balls to release an official trackball controller (mouse-like precision, why not!).

linkratos2289d ago

If a game is only using IR pointing I don't see any reason that Motion+ should be required.

AlucardFury2289d ago

I'd rather prefer the WiiU games use the Gamepad. It is its control after all. Wii remotes for backwards compability.

Lucretia2289d ago

exactly. I was hoping we were passed the whole stupid motion control phase.

im sure wii would have had way more good games if the devs didn't have to use that controller. sure some gems came out with it, but it really wasn't needed as a main focal point.

please just use standard controllers -_-, wii-u controller is fine as well

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2289d ago

This works for the people who have not upgraded- If you listen to some people on N4G their are a lot of them.

You know those people who say on Forums:
"I bought a Wii at Launch and I haven't played it since- I just play my PS3/ my 360 now-"
"My Grandma bought a Wii at Launch and I haven't played it since it just collects dust-"

You know you've seen this at least once. (Kind of like the Skyrim "Till I took an arrow to the knee."

Now they won't have an excuse.