EA’s Gibeau believes free-to-play and sub-based titles can coexist

EA labels president Frank Gibeau believes subscription-based games are here to stay in some capacity, but it depends on the the type of game being developed.

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ThatDamnGeordie2261d ago

he looks like a faggot tho so his points invalid :P

genuinegamers2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Hmmm what does that look like exactly?

TheMasterShake2261d ago

who the hell cares i swear if it wasn't for dead space or the obscure games they have published like shadows of the damned i wouldn't even be buying any EA games.

pompombrum2261d ago

He won't be saying that once swtor fails for the second time. Why on Earth would anyone pay a subscription fee for access to poorly designed content when they can get all the best stuff for free?