Sony Discounts DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket On PlayStation Network

With the first full weekend of NFL football kicking off, Sony Computer Entertainment America and DirecTV have once again partnered to bring PlayStation 3 gamers exclusive access to all of the action around the league. DirecTV Sunday Ticket MAX subscribers can watch any game in HD on PS3, as well as mobile devices, laptops and, of course, on DirecTV. But gamers who don’t subscribe to DirecTV can watch the NFL for less this year on the sports app. The full season package has been reduced $40 and now costs $300.

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b163o12288d ago

$300? Lol I'll just watch espn the morning after

kingPoS2288d ago

Wow a whole $40 off, how incredibly generous of them.

Darkspade2288d ago

I'd get it if there was a payment plan.. but I can't shell out the whole $300