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Destructoid: "I find Mark of the Ninja to be perfect. Let it stand as the benchmark by which all stealth games are now measured."

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NastyLeftHook02140d ago

"Let it stand as the benchmark by which all stealth games are now measured."

so basically your saying its better than any metal gear solid game? any splinter cell game? a 2d game? sorry but i have to disagree.

hennessey862140d ago

To review a game on what it is, so this could well be a great 2D stealth game. That's not to say the reviewer is saying its better than metal gear or splinter cell

Blankman852140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Have you played the game? No? Then your opinion ain't worth a velvet painting of a dolphin and a whale getting it on

PockyKing2140d ago

10/10? From Destructoid? Going to have to take a looksey.

DivineAssault 2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Exactly what i was thinking.. They never give praise to anything.. Rarely i mean & 10/10 from them is surprising

-MD-2140d ago

They never give praise to anything? They give games high scores all the time.

Xperia_ion2140d ago

God of war 3 said hi. No joke I'm getting a Xbox for this. Said to myself one more ten for this and I'm getting one. I love ninjas.

CalvinKlein2140d ago

I you get an xbox you should also get shadow complex, that game is awesome. It is cheap and some times on sale.

shaun mcwayne2140d ago

also get left 4 dead 2 if ya dont have it on pc.

optimus2139d ago

@calvin... Shadow complex is an excellent game that is begging for a sequel...

Sidenote- i could be wrong but the demo of mark of the ninja comes with 3 game recommendations of highly rated games, if you click to download them it looks like they are free as it shows no price for them. When you confirm the download it gives an error saying xboxlive is down but when you exit to the home menu you'll notice the game downloading...I'll know for sure in the morning if it was in fact the full game since i left it downloading. If it is then that would be the glitch of the year as you could potentially get 3 full games off of 1 demo.

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Moncole2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

The devs said if this does well on xbox there may be a PC port.

bad naruto2140d ago

again....vita version plz.

r212140d ago

Highly unlikely seeing as MS published this.

Trenta272140d ago

It's incredible. I have fallen in love with this game.