The Best of Times The Worst of Times: Retro Games and Classic Gaming

We sometimes look to the past with rose coloured glasses dipped and dusted with nostalgia. But not everything about retro games was rosy.

RantGaming's Nan Rymer admits her age (somewhat) and recalls the best of times and the worst of times from her old school gaming days.

What are yours?

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shammgod2261d ago

Nailed it with this article. Long ass passwords were the bane of my existence. Every game was mysterious in my old days without the Internet. It was all trial and error. I loved that shit!

lahnaloo2261d ago

Very nice article! Thanks for sharing it.

SilentNegotiator2261d ago

"NA NA NA, Games used to so much harderrr"

Yeah, so you'd feed the machine more quarters and buy the magazines.

ShaunCameron2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Or mod the game with cheats. GameGenie, anyone?

The one thing I probably don't miss about the good ol' days are bad design choices due to the technological limits of the day (every other game being a 2d side-scroller or a top-down) making the game hard just for difficulty's sake.

SilentNegotiator2261d ago

Yeah, the cheat packs and booklets, too.

And I also agree that it's nice to have less limitations in genre these days. There was a charm in some places where the more mechanical and simple stuff worked out, but JUST having that stuff was boring.

Now you can have that AND 3D games. Which is great.

tweet752261d ago

if gaming wants to be great they should make what made gaming great back than mixed with todays technology. I miss the sense of challenge and less hand holding. Passwords will never be back not since the ability to save ever game existed.

voodoopickle2261d ago

i agree, if we took games like the original FF, DQ, Mega Man games, etc. and what made them great and just update them i would be in heaven. stop trying to change everything to the point where you cant even remember what the game was to begin with. please.