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Submitted by vortis 1246d ago | opinion piece

Before You Buy Resident Evil 6 Don't Forget How Capcom Treats Employees

Cinemablend "We all know video game journalism is in the gutter. Few sites are reliable (and we all know who they are). Most sites are middlemen advertisers (sadly, even including us) and video game journalism as a whole is trash, we know, it's true. However, every once in a while some of us will come out of the gutter to remind gamers that every purchase they make still counts as a decision that helps shape the industry, and this little reminder here is about an upcoming choice millions of people will make regarding the future of Capcom, based on their highly anticipated zombie-shooter, Resident Evil 6." (Capcom, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   1246d ago
Hah, so they treat both their employees badly and their fans? How the hell are people so blinded that they go out and buy these games anyway? Sorry to say, but it's almost as if people don't even care about morals anymore. Crapcom can make the most amazing looking game I've ever seen, but I sure as heck won't ever be putting money on one of their games again until they drastically change.
Scenarist  +   1246d ago
if the game is good.. it deserves to be pirated .. FUCK Capcom
TacoTaru  +   1245d ago
I wouldn't pirate it, but if I was going to buy it I would make sure to get a used copy.
Lucretia  +   1245d ago
pirated? sooo all the crap the employees went through could be for nothing? then they get fired and lose their jobs?

please, its a job, if they get abused its because they let it happeen or reeeeally need the job.

yeah i'd like them to be treated better but anyone pirating is just scum.
jeeves86  +   1245d ago
@ Lucretia - I take it you've never had a job where you were treated poorly by your boss. If you ever were, I'm sure you just let it happen.

IAmLee  +   1245d ago
I wondered how much DLC will be on the disc this time?
Vortex3D  +   1245d ago
Correct response if stop buying games from bad publisher.

That's one thing pirates can't do, they must steal the games even they don't agree with the publisher.

If the game ends up not selling and NOT PIRATED because of the publisher, you know what that means for them. (Yes, I know that will never happen because pirates will steal everything.)
Scenarist  +   1244d ago
Makes sense tho....sounds like a vicious boycott... " we so tired of your shit we wont even steal it"
WeskerChildReborned  +   1246d ago
IMO, Capcom is the worst publisher of them all.
Megaton  +   1245d ago
EA, IMO. But Capcom is top 3 for sure.
tigertron  +   1245d ago
With Activision and Square-Enix.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1245d ago
@tigertron, I agree with Activision.
omi25p  +   1245d ago
princejb134  +   1245d ago
seems like almost every third party publisher been messing up with gen
-Mika-  +   1246d ago
You guys need help. Having so much hatred towards a company. You do know the main goal of a business is to make money. Mostly every business is like this. So what is the problem?

RE6 Is tuning out to be an amazing game. It looks beautiful and It going to be GOTY. If you wanna pass on the game because of that. Then I don't know what to say.

Also to end my post Im going to quote a user who wrote the following comment in that article.

"Everyone does realize if no one buys any of their games the employees may not have a job at all....right?"
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jimbobwahey  +   1246d ago | Well said
Ah yes of course, who cares what terrible things people do as long as it's for profit?

Do you have any idea how utterly ridiculous you sound? Seriously, how can you have such an incredibly dumb view of the world? I can only assume that you're in your early teens, living with your parents and have absolutely no idea as to how the world really works, because I can't ever imagine somebody who actually has a clue to say something so stupid.
Whitefeather  +   1246d ago
You do know that the working condition is horrible enough that there have been suicide attempts because of the way employees are treated?
garos82  +   1246d ago
no problem.they can try make money to survive but they ain't getting money from me as I feel they screw over their fans as well as their staff
Lord_Sloth  +   1246d ago
I kinda have to agree on this...Which I never thought I'd say where Mika was concerned.

All companies treat their employees like s***. Welcome to life, people! Said employees always have the option of quitting.

I wonder just how many of you cuss out the cashiers at the grocery story for something beyond their control just to go home and complain about your own jobs, or another company's treatment of their employees.

I've been a cashier long enough to know it happens a great deal. Customers make employees miserable and bosses do the same for every job on the planet. Unless people are dropping dead at Capcom or being physically beaten, it's a non issue!
Carl_Shocker  +   1246d ago
Game of the Year....Resident Evil 6

....are you high

" It looks beautiful "

Screen tearing is beautiful ?
Blacktric  +   1246d ago
>It looks beautiful and It going to be GOTY.
>looks beautiful and It going to be GOTY.
>It going to be GOTY.
>going to be GOTY.

Man I gotta try some of those bath salts.
aiBreeze  +   1246d ago
Resi 6 GOTY? Lmfao good one.

@Lord Sloth - While true to an extent, you can't really compare the hard time customers and bosses can give you to being worked to the point you end up hospitalized.
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NeoTribe  +   1245d ago
Your comment became irrelevant when u said it would be goty.
Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder  +   1245d ago
Dude mika i dont know if ur stupid or trying to be really sarcatstic .....
joab777  +   1245d ago
I agree. Its sad that 54 people disagree. By this logic, no one should ever buy anything made in china or Hong Kong etc. Good luck. Or from any company that has ever downsized to reorganize an remain viable. When I read it, I thought u were gonna say that they were working them 100 hours for $2 hour, but no...its because they want to make games with less people quicker. Really? Its called business. I know I know, they should hire 400 people and pay them all $100000 a year just because Disney does. No, it is a harsh business environment right. Many companies r trying to figure out how to make these games that take years and millions of dollars in a bad economy with increased competition and we r upset because they are letting others know that they are trying to be more effective. Soon, all these companies are gonna start making mobile games because every time they make a business move, they get thrashed. Do they do shady stuff sometimes like charge for doc that's on the disc? Yeah, but everyone buys it because they want it. And the money isn't going to lavish vacations and hookers, its being used to fund the development of further games that we bitch about because they haven't been made yet. Its just a bit misleading to me.
grailly  +   1245d ago
i'm just wondering what clothes the people who disagreed are wearing, and what food they are eating...
seriously, in almost anything we buy somebody has been mistreated down the line, and way worse than what capcom is doing. OH so great you don't like capcom's PR! so let's boycott them because some article tells you that people are not being payed enough and let's continue consuming imported goods! kids are only dying while producing those.

I sincerely hope people disagreed for the resi6 comment rather than your logic mika, I apologize for this community.
GrahamGolden  +   1245d ago
res6 woot ?

so a gears of zombies is now a revolution of the genre ?

and u DARE talking about GOTY ?????
you better keep dreaming buddy.

you said the same crap for ff13 been the best ff ever made u CLEARLY have zero clues about gaming.

u can enjoy this crap but stop posting pathetic comment like goty or best res etc etc...beside your disagrees talk for them self
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jeremyj2913  +   1245d ago
Capcom deserves all the they are receiving because they brought it on themselves. Any company that claims to be about the fans and suddenly turns their back on them just to generate profit from people that don't kno anything about the series deserves the worst they can get.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1245d ago
I'm sure Insomniac doesn't do this
dasbeer88  +   1246d ago
They did drastically change but in the very wrong terms.
Dee_91  +   1246d ago

I would say just quit but jobs dont come by as easy as they did at one point.

That said I wont be buying, Its a rent for me
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ChickeyCantor  +   1245d ago
Notice how most of their complaints are due to managers?

Can't blame them, F'n managers.
ShabbaRanks  +   1245d ago
God dam thats insane...

And I once wanted to work in the gaming idustry :S

F**K that !
yeahokchief  +   1246d ago
SOO REFRESHING to see people talking about MORALS and acknowledging that reviewers are merely CORPORATE MIDDLEMEN nowadays!

In many ways, the success or failure of this game mirrors the upcoming presidential election. Are ignorant people going to give in and buy the Romney & Ryan lies? Are you going to give in and buy this slave labor, force fed garbage? LETS SEND THESE CORPORATE JERK OFFS A MESSAGE. RENT the game if you must. Do not buy it. STICK IT TO THEM WHERE THEY'LL FEEL IT. Vote with your wallet. It is the American way.

YOU ALL SAW THE DISASTER THAT WAS OPERATION RACCOON CITY. The reviewers even told you it was trash and yet many kids went out and bought it anyways because of the name. Kids are going to buy it, but just because 99% of idiots are playing it DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO too. Resist the mental midget peer pressure.

The resident evil series died long ago with Resident Evil 4. For me it died with Resident Evil Zero. I preferred the SURVIVAL HORROR games that they used to make. They were actually scary and forced you to focus on your survival. Saving ammo, scavenging for puzzle pieces to reach your next objective etc. WE WILL NEVER GET THE OLD RESIDENT EVIL BACK SO LONG AS THEY CAN RAKE IN MONEY BEING DOUCEBAGS MAKING THESE COD EMULATORS. I don't know if I even want it back after the things they've done.

For the love of god, go play Darksiders 2 instead of this. They made an amazing game that deserves more than 250,000 sales in the US. It also was not without it's controversy, but it's a gamer's game made by gamers for gamers. It wasn't rushed out and it was genuinely awesome and full of content. I've easily gotten around 60 hours of play out of it with New Game Plus, trading items with friends to stack my stats and playing the more challenging difficulty.

Or whatever... buy it. I'm kinda distancing myself from gaming. At least i'm trying to... Old habits die hard. It takes a serious, concerted effort to make a change whether it be personal, within a company or as a country. Human nature is to follow the path of least resistance. We all do it. Sometimes it takes a serious disaster to light the fire. I can only hope for the sake of anyone who never played the original resident evils that RE6 will be that disaster.
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yeahokchief  +   1245d ago
I think it'll sell pretty well though. Most gamers don't care enough to read about development or the legacy of a series. Operation Raccoon City proved it.

Good luck gamers. I forsee some sad, frustrating and overpriced days in your future if the trend continues.

AND IF YOU'RE 18+ AND LIVE IN ONE OF THE NINE STATES THAT WILL DETERMINE OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION this year...remember to get yourself registered to vote by October 9th. It's ridiculously simple. You fill out a single form and it takes all of 1 minute. Take a break from playing all those games in November to vote against the 1%ers and corporate greed. We're all in it together. What goes on at the global scale will spread to all of the industries that are a part of the system.

The challenge is getting people to think in the LONG TERM. The long term for gaming, the long term for their career and the long term for the country. Personally I will gain more individually if Romney is elected because i'll be taxed less on my investments and i'll be taxed slightly less on my checks. Seeing as how I have not bought a home, I will not suffer when tax cuts for home ownership. But I know in the long term, Romney is going to take the country in the wrong direction by leading us to more division. Eventually it'll be a disaster for everyone. His budget is mathematically impossible.

I'm convinced the whole thing is just a show. It's just unreal how ridiculous the election is this year. The choices couldn't be any more opposite. It has already been acknowledged that things are going to improve regardless of who gets elected, but they're not going to be great. We have a lot of concessions to make to pay off Bush's debt as well as the debt Obama took on in order to keep the system from completely collapsing.
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showtimefolks  +   1245d ago

capcom just like a alot of companies have very loyal fanboys who are willing to buy dead rising sequels and than an expansion to a sequel for 39.99.

go ahead disagree i use to like capcom a lot but this gen they have made them self look more greedy than most others and that's hard to do when everyone wants to make as much money as possible.

i buy their games used if i am interested i rather gamestop or someone on ebay make the money than these morons. Also most of their home grown development talent has left them and either formed their own indie studios or have joined a western publisher. the creator of Dead rising said he had to hide the game development for DR till it was 50% done otherwise capcom would have cancelled the development.

use to be a gaming company for gamers than they saw DLC and forgot their rich history
Sarcasm  +   1245d ago
The problem is not the minority that roam the internet for information. It's the millions of others who casually walk around a retail store and browse the video games isle who pick it up.

What am I basing this on? Well the millions of SKYRIM PS3 copies that were sold that shouldn't have been, given how crappy Bethesda is.
abzdine  +   1245d ago
Well all this means boycott to me, just like I boycott Nike, KFC, MC DONALDS and many others who do much worse to animals or children.

Let's do sth against those criminals, let's not just approve what they do by jumping over their products.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1246d ago
Apart from the whole employee issue did anyone else think the demo was really really bad?
it was like an on rails shooter and the weapons seemed to have no punch to them at all and they had some weird assist setting on them so you can't use precision to shoot pacific body parts.
Not to mention the awful camera view of the protagonist.
Chris took up half of the screen with his giant arms and I could barely see where I was going.
Anyway I thought it was really boring and even worse than RE5,the graphics looked nice but that was about it.
Will wait for the reviews I think.
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Whitefeather  +   1246d ago
Dude it's like you read my mind those are exactly my thoughts on the demo.
saintsudden  +   1246d ago
If the game is good ill buy it if not then i wont simple as that. Capcom has hundreds of employees im not surprised that a few are allegedly mistreated.
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1246d ago
If you're fighting for the employees,then wouldn't not buying their games cause cancelling projects and layoffs?

So basically you're hurting them even more,and for that matter,if they are mistreated yet still work there then it must mean they have no where else to go.
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jc48573  +   1246d ago
most of them don't even want to work for Capcom, so aren't we doing them a favor? Japan isn't like America you know where people can freely jump job to job.
vortis  +   1246d ago
This is 2012, you can't hop from job to job in America anymore. You get something, you stick to it and you hold on for dear life.
Siren30  +   1245d ago
So I guess you personally know the employees at capcom then and how they feel
nerdkiller  +   1245d ago
you're right they jump from job to off the balcony....

i kid i kid......
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Dee_91  +   1245d ago
the thing is they are already paid for this game.Not buying it wont hurt them in the immediate future.
It will hurt the uppers the most .Either they will lay people off and go out of business or try to make things better.
Im guessing since they love money they will do the latter.
grailly  +   1245d ago
didn't you see all the studios closing down recently, that was all because of bad sales.
also, game developers work hard with low pay because they usually get good bonuses from good sales.
smallz  +   1246d ago
To be honest no one really gives a shit. People will still continue to buy Apple devices, Nike's, and any other good manufactured in a third world sweat shop without a tear for the poor chap busting his ass for 2 cents day.
ShaunCameron  +   1246d ago
Exactly. All because of the 1st-worlder's obsession with doing and getting things for cheap.
Sarcasm  +   1245d ago
Exactly. This is the sad reality of our world.

Might I add people still buy Diamonds regardless of the story behind it.
ritsuka666  +   1246d ago
This game will underperform in sales guys, just mark my words...
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1246d ago
resident evil 6 isn;t on my radar after what they did to 5.
vickers500  +   1246d ago
RE6 isn't on my radar, and I'm one of the few people that really liked RE5 (co-op with my friends was a blast).

Can't believe RE6 looks even worse graphically.
Knight_Crawler  +   1246d ago
let me guess your about 16 years old and never played the old school RE games...Co-op in a horror survival game - what happend to this world, I had some faith when I played Dead Space 1 and 2 but since 3 is going to have Co-op I can now say that the survival horror genre is dead.
vickers500  +   1245d ago
Hmm, so by your logic, I have to be a 16 year old with crappy taste in gaming to be able to enjoy RE5?

No, I've never played an old school Resident Evil game (unless you count re4 as one, but I'm pretty sure you don't), but I'm not 16, I'm 21.

I didn't have any previous expectations from previous games, which is why I was able to enjoy it. As a standalone game, it's not a bad game. As a Resident Evil game it's probably terrible, but if you go into it without expecting a horror experience or expecting it to be anything like previous RE games, it's a really fun co-op game.

But nice try with the generalization. How is making baseless claims and assumptions on people you know absolutely nothing about working out for you?
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Nineofspades  +   1245d ago
Well I'm 33 and I HAVE played and loved the "old school" resi-games. resident evil 1 for the Ps was the reason I switched to playstation from Nintendo. It is probably top 3 of my favourite games ever. And I couldn't agree more with vickers500. playing through re5 5 in co-op with a buddy of mine is probably among the most fun i've had this generation. Don't do the generalisation thing. Accept our different tastes. oh and btw knight crawler..., Can't wait for Dead Space 3
schlanz  +   1246d ago
Not buying RE6 is going to really communicate your discomfort with Capcom's fairly typical Japanese business practices.

prototypeknuckles  +   1246d ago
sadly some "gamers" dont give a fuck how a game coompany treats them or the employees, they just want the game and dont care about anyone else until it personally effects them.
grailly  +   1245d ago
gamers that only care about gaming rather than whining, OH MY GOSH, what has the world come to?
prototypeknuckles  +   1245d ago
first how the fuck am i whining and second dont you think its a little bitchy to only care about a game instead of how the people that make them are being treaed, i mean theres got to be some reason why almost all of capcoms best people left, and third gamers that only care about themsleves an no one else until it effects them personally is a little bitchy,
Nineofspades  +   1245d ago
true, if by some gamers you mean the majority.
Tokyo_reject  +   1246d ago buy stuff that little kids make for $2.00 an hour.....and you complain about this.....looser.
IF YOU DONT WANT TO BUY THE GAME THEN DONT.....god leave us people who have the money to have fun with games alone
Whitefeather  +   1246d ago
Looser what?
FredEffinChopin  +   1245d ago
Ooh, I can play that game!

If you don't like reading about consumer awareness and abusive working conditions, DON'T READ THE ARTICLE..... God leave us people with a conscience and some human decency alone so we can actually try to initiate change.

See how that works? Nobody is forcing you to read the article. So you can take your own advice, and please shut up.
grailly  +   1245d ago
he's not pointing out than he dislikes consumer awareness, he's pointing out that this is the wrong issue to be complaining about. most people whining here surely have made in china computers/phones, wear nike, smoke and drink coffee, areas where kids and adults a severely mistreated. People in this article are just complaining because it's capcom.
FredEffinChopin  +   1245d ago
You know what, you both are totally right, how could I not have seen that? If someone is ignorant about some things, they should be ignorant about ALL things, right? I mean if you're not actively trying to support consumer awareness in every aspect of your life, you should shut up and never try to promote it anyplace/time. It's either boycott EVERYTHING or NOTHING. How could I have been so naive?

Your logic is the worst. Even if you knew for a fact that everyone who is boycotting this company boycotts nothing else (which you don't and never will), as you claim in your infinite wisdom, that doesn't make their point any less relevant. It would be nice if people were aware of the processes behind more the products they buy, but barring that, I don't think the answer is for people to slip into full-apathy mode and stay there. No matter how you spin it, you and reject over there are actively trying to stifle people who are trying to make a legitimate difference where they see something wrong. I hope you're proud.

By the way, I hope you're in every article in here putting people's notions of consumer awareness in check. It's all about consistency, right?
LordMe  +   1246d ago
I was mistreated working at Kroger, by both employees and customers. You don't see me boycotting them. Job's suck, people get mistreated, it happens. But no one cares.

But if you do, you should get rid of any item in your house made by Foxconn, which includes your Xbox, Iphone, and allot more. Most things made in Taiwan, China and these other places pay people $2.00 an hour, for 60+ hours a week.

Capcom's employees don't have it that bad do they? I doubt it.
cheet92  +   1245d ago
Notice how people who are agreeing with this article and getting all pretentiously conscientious are also people who hate Capcom. it's just another excuse for them to hate more. As if they really feel so compassionate about employees, just bitter people who are butthurt because their precious games are not being made for them.
#11.1 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KMCROC54  +   1246d ago
chaos-lockheart  +   1246d ago
im going to wait it out, cause i know capcom they are going to make a super resident evil version after 1 month, then 3 months later super hyper version.
CaptCalvin  +   1246d ago
Before boycotting a game think about how much worse the employees would be treated.
FredEffinChopin  +   1245d ago
What are you implying, that poor sales would have corporate putting all the workers on the rack or something? Why might a successful boycott not send a message that consumers won't stand for that kind of behavior, and maybe persuade the company to vigorously (and loudly, of course) reform their organization?

Your sense of logic would see to it that we let all the abusers of the world continue to abuse so as to not make waves. Change doesn't come cheap sometimes, and while sitting on one's hands is often the easiest solution, it's seldom the most effective.
CaptCalvin  +   1245d ago
Who else are they going to hold accountable for a game's poor sales?
FredEffinChopin  +   1245d ago
It's an unfair work environment, not a slave camp. When a game tanks they don't go downstairs and beat the help, they have shareholders to answer to. They also know that the teams have nothing to do with how well a game sells. Especially if an actual boycott claims responsibility for it, publicly. It makes no sense to try to keep them in business for fear of workers losing a shitty job. It makes more sense to make Capcom aware that people won't give them any more money unless they take steps to clean up their act.
CShadow  +   1246d ago
Zombies Uncharted style.
Donnywho  +   1246d ago
I've changed my mind on Re6 and I'm looking forward to it now. I feel like I judged it too soon. I would take a job at Capcom in a heartbeat also. You can find horror stories in every aspect of life.
Knight_Crawler  +   1246d ago
A fool and his money.

Let me guess your buying the 360 version.
Donnywho  +   1245d ago
This fool knows the difference between your and you're.
Paranoidplayer24  +   1246d ago
This is a cruel world and it unfortunaty revolves around money. So if you wanna stay ahead you do what you have to do.
CaptCalvin  +   1245d ago
Hey as consumers you and I should want our money's worth no? In a war both sides have their mostly legitimate reasons to fight, but you don't empathize with the other side.
Paranoidplayer24  +   1245d ago
I don't empathize with the other side no, because if it's so bad why dont they quit. It's simple. Sure you will be out of a job but if it's SO bad then do it. And I do want my money's worth when I buy a game so if the game is good I have gotten my money's worth. My money's worth does not depend on how employees are treated.
CaptCalvin  +   1245d ago
I might've taken your comment a bit out of context i'm not sure. I was talking in more of the context of overpricing DLC and diluting franchises to appeal to the mainstream. As Capcom or its shareholders yeah sure it makes money. But I won't stand it as a consumer/
#17.1.2 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
PopRocks359  +   1246d ago
I'm probably not getting the game, not at full price anyway, but truth be told something like this doesn't really have anything to do with the game itself. I mean Capcom can treat their employees awfully, but that doesn't mean said employees are not creating a great/bad game. That's not the dependent factor.
#18 (Edited 1246d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chukamachine  +   1246d ago
Renting is the best choice imo these days unless your heavily into the mp section of the game.
Psycho_Mantis  +   1246d ago
SO? Thats not like it is in just one company. Look at Team Bondi. They went into extreme crunch mode to developed LA noire.
Treian  +   1246d ago
I wasn't planning on buying it anyways.
helghast102  +   1246d ago
I'm simply not buying it because it's a shitty game.
Capcom treats everyone like shit and they've ruined their greatest IPs, well done guys.
Baka-akaB  +   1246d ago
I see a lot of hypocrisy here . It's convenient when a company you dont like does shady stuff , it helps your conscience .

Question is , will you really boycott a game that completely entice you from a company you love , if you learn the same kind of stuff about the way they treat their employées ?

I have a feeling only a few would hold on to such morals . And if so you better stop using most gaming devices , cause you will find abuses for both hardware and software products
#23 (Edited 1246d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
vortis  +   1246d ago
Well said.

It seems like a dirty business no matter how you slice the apple.

Unfortunately gamers seem to be caught in the middle because not supporting a product doesn't bode well for the team but it seems like supporting the product still doesn't bode well for the team.
schlanz  +   1246d ago
well said bubs

there are outspoken unhappy people who think they are mistreated in virtually every company, especially in big game development companies. It comes with the territory.
grailly  +   1245d ago
it's sad that I had to scroll down this much to read a smart comment :(
garos82  +   1245d ago
well said man but capcom WAS a company i completely loved. the last game i got from them was Super street fighter 4 new. i have yet to buy sf x tekken due to my moral way of thinking and believe me I REALLY WANT TO BUY IT. there are a few others im interested in but i have made my stance and will only change it when i see they make positive change.
demetreHG  +   1246d ago
Resident Evil always sucked !!!!!
kagon01  +   1246d ago
The reason I won't support capcom games, its because how they treat me with their disgusting business practices... (spanish: Dinero Lucro Codicia)
jeeves86  +   1245d ago
Exactly. If you're going to boycott Capcom, do it for their awful habit (read: business plan) of day 1 on the disc DLC and releasing the same damned game over and over and over again.
MrRedfield217  +   1246d ago
I know this is about the employees and Capcom, it is a matter to consider but I still cant get a grip of how much hatred most of you punk ass haters are giving them. The game hasnt even come out yet and already most of you kids are saying its a shit game. I question myself if most of the users on this website are even old or mature enough to watch porn. I dont think most of the judgmental haters even know what its like to be employed and mistreated, so you just skip to conclusions and say capcom treats their fans and employees like shit yadayadayada. Well its unfortunate to see some lost fans wont see how the game will end up to be, and more likely to be successful...
vortis  +   1246d ago
Age required to watch porn...0
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1245d ago
I think the reason Resident Evil lost fans is because they SAW the game for what it was and DON'T CARE if the title is successful. They complain because their isn't any footage of a scary game on the horizon.

Soon as a true great survival horror hits consoles, the hatred will be reduced dramatically because they will be occupying their time with the new game.....

No need for name calling dude. Take a breath and chill.....

Adolph Fitler  +   1246d ago
Nowhere near as badly as they treat there customers, & even moreso, there hardcore loyalist customers that lick up every god damn rip off pair of glasses, hat, watch or the like that then adorn there favorite SF character.
Milking is no better suited to a company, than Capcom & there milkage with dlc.

Also, I am iffed by this game, The Last Of Us looks like more a survival horror game than RE6. They are ultimately making 3 different games from what I've read. They are making a supposed survival horror section, a 3rd person shooter oriented section, & a mesh up of both section.
Wow Capcom, I'm sold.....I'm all for getting broken messes of games (I bought RE:ORC for instance), I'm so enthused for this game.......NOT.

Just make the damn game as good as Resident Evil 2 on PS1.....I care not what anyone says, NO RE game has come close to being as brilliant, & innovative as that game is, & that goes for that overated RE4 too.....Friggin RE4 may as well have been a totally different franchise, as apart from a couple of characters & such, it had no coomon ground with the RE series of PS1 fame.

P1ss off all these running infected, poor excuses for zombies, & bring back the dozens & dozens of onscreen, slow shuffling, mind dead, brain hungry, lead magnets of old......bring back the sh1t your pants moments of zombie dobermens crashing through nearby windows, give me back those throwback ridiculous game bosses like the giant, zombie, crocodile in pt. 2.
Capcom, you f$#king idiots, give me back RE, the way it's supposed to be & feel, you've lost ALL atmosphere in the RE titles now (I will pay RE4 for being the last to have some kind of atmoshere, but it just wasn't RE atmosphere).

We don't want a broken up into 3 pieces mess of a game, we want a single feeling, unified, RE evil game. I mean, the true RE fans have been screaming since RE4 took them off course, for a traditional RE game.....a return to series roots, a throwback to what made the series popular. But instead were getting something we don't want again out of Capcom, as the d1ckhead suits are trying to bundle the true RE fans up with 3rd person shooter fans. Capcom, people don't want RE as a 3rd person shooter experience, cause frankly there are a dozen developers that make far better 3rd person shooter experiences than you clowns. It looks like your better off buying/playing a copy of Dead Rising to get at least a small taste of what a RE game should be like, as the DR games are now closer to a true RE experience, than an actual modern RE game can deliver.
acemonkey  +   1246d ago
remember how they treat us with DLC on the disc
47  +   1245d ago
I wasn't sold on RE6, but with all the boycott talk i am now. Just preordered from Amazon. Thanks bitches.
tiffac008  +   1245d ago
There is a reason why Mikami (RE, DMC) and Inafune (Rockman) left the company. I hope Ono (SF) won't allow the company to drive him into exhaustion again.

I'll probably buy RE6 down the line, once it hits the sales bin.
#30 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ShaunCameron  +   1245d ago
Wasn't it Hideki Kamiya who made DMC?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1245d ago
Yes and No. Shinji made the basic infrastructure for Devil May Cry (Resident Evil 3.5) while Hideki added on top of it to make it an action game......
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