Are You A Real Gamer? Get Your GAMRCRED We Did

GamrCred is currently in BETA but…. We have gotten some BETA keys to giveaway.

Ok enough of all the fun lets get into what GamrCred is; but first lets see where they come from.

Empire Avenue Inc. is a Canadian, Edmonton, Alberta-based startup focused on building new and innovative web services and applications around social media, games and data systems.
Our team’s background and experience speak for themselves having worked with some of the leading technology and software companies in the world including MySQL/Oracle, Bioware, Motorola just to name a few. Empire Avenue Inc. is building products focused on making better use of social media whether it be in the realm of video gaming ( or in providing an unique social social media marketing tool that utilises a Social Stock Market (

GamrCred™ is your ultimate rank based on how you play, what you say and the respect you earn

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Nemesis45672288d ago

I was with this idea, until I saw that all credit is basically due to what people think of you, social standards, etc. In my opinion having one million friends online doesn't make you a gamer. There are solo gamers out there as well. Some who are more hardcore than your typical online/multiplayer gamers. Good luck with your idea, sounds fun. But I wouldn't take it seriously at all.

admiralvic2287d ago

I certainly agree it sounds like a good idea on paper, but I don't see it going anywhere. For fun I signed up just to see how high I would start and didn't even make it half way. This is with one of my PSN having 300+ games, 6,500+ trophies, and a successful youtube channel. Ultimately I see them trying to make their site a standard, which won't happen.

TechGamingNews2287d ago

Here is how it breaks down,

1. 50%: Your game Play component (hours played, achievements unlocked Ect.)

2. 40%: Your social media engagement as part of Say( tweet, post ect.)

3. 10%: GamrCred™ Respect points given by others

Each component is put through our patent-pending algorithms to create the overall GamrCred™ rank.

'The sliders on your profile page reflect your overall standing combining all of the games you are currently playing together to give you your rank.