Talking Point: Wii U and the Next Generation of Consoles

Wii U is getting ever closer, with a press conference scheduled for this week that’s expected to include details such as the system's price and a launch date. We're not far away from Nintendo's next home console system hitting stores.

For some the arrival will automatically prompt talk of the beginning of the next generation of consoles, the starting gun that will end up with Microsoft and Sony also joining in, not to mention the range of PC, Android or cloud gaming systems that may arrive. That’s a reasonable stance to take, but others may decide that the ‘next-gen’ of gaming starts with Microsoft and Sony, if their next efforts are super-charged HD behemoths. Nintendo Life looks at the idea of what makes a console 'next gen', and Wii U's potential future in multi-platform titles and third-party support.

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ape0072292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

my opinoin is that(I could be 100% wrong) the wiiu will be a bit more powerful or on par with current gen console but hey the hey think that the difference between current gen and next gen won't be as drastic as from last to current, there will be a difference and 3rd party game will look\perform much better on ps4\720 but it's a dream to see nintendo games in HD, think about it F-zero HD, smash bros HD, mario HD, zelda HD, isn't that a dream come true and a legit reason to have a wiiu??

I can't wait

N4g_null2292d ago

Right now unreal 4 is the only next gen engine that needs two video cards lol.

Development cost are rising and game trade ins are on the rise.
More developers will be closing their doors next gen.

You have to understand that hd console systems are here and they failed and cuased many studios to close. Sure they sold a lot but only cod, halo, gears and gta did the numbers to warrent a 200 million dollar budget. Gamers are willfully asking for an industry collapse.

Ms and Sony are going to have to find a different way to get gamers to jump to next gen. Ms seems to have perfected Sony alien tech marketing with the Durango kit, you'll see when it comes out. Exotic tech big numbers same output roughly as the wiiu. Sony is scrambling... The smash bro clone has to be big!

The sad thing about better graphics is the wiiu can be tweaked to out put the same graphics by using ideas from the cell setup, with the added bonus of on chip memory. The wiiu is the gc all over again with some new ideas while embracing industry standards. We are a tool driven industry now. There are not many factor 5s out there now.

The amd APu might be too expensive for a console though. The power7 is also no joke.

The current gen was suppose to do a job... Had console game play. Instead we got sub hd with horrible frame rates. Why get a wiiu? Ummm hd console with a great framerate and cheap possibly. Then hd nintendo ips and we get to see more from their allies like treasure!, platinum, HVS, and their new studios!

I buy pc equipment to get better framerates so I'm sure many will do just the same. If Sony and ms are not careful they will be in Alienware game pc price range. That will only help ms and the blu ray player idea is not going to be a selling point since they are dirt cheap.

beerkeg2292d ago

The Wii U is coming out which will be more powerful than current consoles. The Sony and MS consoles will come out later and unless they are less powerful than many on here would like them to be they will be sold at a loss. Meaning they will have to stay on the market longer than the Wii U.

Which means Nintendos next console will come out far sooner than Sony or MS and will yet again have a head start. But a much bigger one, because Sony and MS will be behind again but by an even bigger scale.

Who knows what the future will bring. But I think expectations will be shattered on all sides this generation. We are not living in times when the average consumer is willing to fork out a lot of money on anything. Especially games consoles.

With the competition from other markets the next gen will be very different to how most imagine it.

shaun mcwayne2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

anyone fancy a guess at price?
ill say £299
dunno what that would be in $