CVG Review: The Club

CVG writes:

"A few months ago, The Club looked a mess - a great idea (a shooter that plays like a driving game, focusing on speed and Tony Hawk-style score chasing) buried under confusing gameplay and mediocre visuals. And the sad news is, despite some radical tightening and a graphical overhaul, the more time we spend with Sega's ambitious run-and-gun shooter, the more we're starting to feel our first impressions were correct."

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MK_Red3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Nice find. Looks like it will end up like other Feb release, Turok. A good game but nothing special unless the tone of this review suggests (Though EuroGamer's review was much more exciting and positive).

Also, the visuals are not mediocre. From a technical stand point, the game looks good enough. The problem in Club's look is the art direction which is soulless and weak IMO.