Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Easter Eggs Found - T-Rex, Garden Gnome and Mirror's Edge

From "Everyone loves a good Easter Egg in their video game, and DICE seems to enjoy providing them in their expansions."

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Detoxx2290d ago

Yeah but they are making BF4 atm..

Muffins12232289d ago

I hope there is a dinosaur mod lol

Detoxx2289d ago

There will be one, I'm pretty sure. Just look at the T-Rex skull easter egg on Alborz Mountain

Andreas-Sword2289d ago

I want a T-Rex-DLC, or a Dinosaur-DLC !

takohma2289d ago

cool. I still havnt gotting any DLC yet but I will get armored killed and close quarters.

execution172289d ago

just wait til you Premium Edition comes out, I'm going to trade in my current BF3 for that version when it releases :D

Welshy2289d ago

I've put 300+ hours into PS3 BF3, but having just spent alot on a beastly PC, i'll definitely be picking up the PRemium Edition on PC.

£40 for premium membership alone, or £32 for BF3 base game with online pass AND all the premium content, hmm....

Allsystemgamer2289d ago


Welcome to the pc :3

Get ready for some real chaos!

Welshy2289d ago

I don't understand why i've been disagree'd =/

I have played 100's of hours on PS3, i did just get a PC and premium edition is cheaper than a stand alone premium membership code.

i don't comprehend where you can disagree with a fact =S

AusRogo2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

This map pack blows. Did they even bother scaling it down to size for us console players? Maps way too big for 24 players, can't even enjoy the game on the maps it gets boring as shit.

It can be fun at times, I admit. I love battlefield but really dissapointed. I'm sure pc players are enjoying it though!

FarCryLover1822289d ago

I don't care if the maps are big, the bigger the better. I like to just drive at times.

cyborg472289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@rogo..Get a vehicle :|

ShabbaRanks2289d ago

lol @cyborg47 you look like you havent played AK yet and it shows. Im not saying its bad, but the problem with it is that it lacks vehicles. Theirs all these new ones, but no jeeps and no MBTs except in the new game mode (TS). Witch sucks big time. They should add jeeps and even more ATVs. Im always looking for a vehicle and some Flag areas only have like one ATV, like seriously wtf

PC players with 64guys on the map are going to go nutz if they dont add vehicle spawns

ShadowKingx2289d ago

the whole point of armored core is vehicle mayhem with little on foot. so that the reason for the big map. otherwise it would be get drive 5 secs and get out.

Allsystemgamer2289d ago

So...what you are saying is all you want to do is shoot stuff? Get a vehicle and drive. That's battlefield. There are times even in 64p servers where I don't see ANYONE for a few minutes

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TheGOODKyle2289d ago

I don't know much about running a gaming site (participating in it sure) but I don't think it's very practical to see other people who originally found and uploaded a vid of all these easter eggs, only for you to create your own vid on them multiple days afterward and use yours instead of the ones who found them first.