5 Things Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Can Do To Win Next Generation (Xbox 720)

2 Generations in to Microsoft’s home console debut and once again they are the middleman. The original Xbox came in second place in total console sales nudging slightly over the GameCube and getting blown out by the PS2.

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Freakazoid20122291d ago

Nintendo has a clear advantage this gen by launching first. I honestly do not see Sony launching a console for a while now considering how badly they are losing money.Ms? Well I dont really care what they do because I wont ever support them after how they did business in the 80s with windows and trying to push Live on PC users at the start of this gen.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2291d ago

LMAO.. you won't buy a video game console because of something they did 30 years ago? Jesus... This guy.

JBSleek2291d ago

So Sony business practice in the 90's when they chewed up companies in order to feed the PS1 and PS2 was okay, or allowing the largest hack in console history to take place?

If you aren't gonna support one for an excuse you can't support the other one for the same bad business. You were likely never to buy the next Xbox anyway due to bias so no need to make excuses just say I'll get get a Wii-U and PS4.

Withdreday2291d ago

The hack was nothing and only effected PS3 gamers for a month and they got free games out of it. RRoD effected Xbox since launch, so I say Sony won that one.

ChunkyLover532291d ago

Nintendo will have the early advantage, if they price a Wii U SKU at $249, its more then likely that they'll have 10-12 million consoles sold by the time the Xbox 720 or PS4 hit the market.

Nintendo looks to be doing things quite strategically. Release their console first, release AAA titles like the new Zelda game and new Smash Brothers game around the time that the competition releases their new consoles.

sway_z2291d ago

Agree on the advantage sold numbers thing....but (much like Wii) Nintendo will grab the casual market, whilst core gamers will sit and wait also sight Zelda & Smash Bros. as killer IP's....maybe so, they do sell well....

....But I think most John and Jaynes are waiting for the GTA's, dare I say it ...the COD's/BF's, Halo's and Uncharted's of this world.

ChunkyLover532291d ago

Hardcore gamer's are the ones who buy consoles at launch. The Wii U is looking like it'll offer a lot of the same third party support as Sony and Microsoft.

I don't really like to label myself, but I love new tech and new consoles, so I'll be buying one, but I always buy all the consoles anyway.

I still think the Wii U will have the cheapest console and people will most likely flock to it.

Mustang300C20122291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )


The Wii U won't have the cheapest console because
you are ignoring the 360/PS3. Wii U has to still deal with current console owners. Games that are going to be available on the 360/PS3 are not going to be a major push for the Wii U. People are not going to switch just because it may have a slightly better graphics and they are content with what they already have. Wii U might be priced cheaper than the new consoles whenever they release but that is irrelevant to the market they are entering now.

It isn't even just about the games anymore. Now it is about the online offering free or not. those gamers on Live who do enjoy using Live\PSN are not going to leave just because the Wii U has the same game. More factors this gen than prior generations.

sway_z2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )


Nintendo are running a different race, so no camparison there....regarding can't say for sure what they'll do....

...and, I'm no MS fan (trust me on that) but your whole argument against MS is regarding something you feel they did in the 80's????

Dude, I hope if you have a girlfriend or if you are/getting married it all works out cos I would hate to be your ex anything....get over the 80's already lool

Theyellowflash302291d ago

Nintendo is not running a different race. Microsoft and Sony both wanted to tap into the expanded audience Nintendo captured with Kinect and Move so how can you say they are running a different race. A Sony PR rep said Nintendo is always a competitor. And with Nintendo finally going HD, you better beleive with games like Zelda, ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden 3 (published by Nintendo on Wii U) and others Nintenod is trying to bring over the core gamers on xbox and playstation.

Mustang300C20122291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

It isn't just about the games anymore. Nintendo may have those games that have already or are coming to the 360/PSN but Nintendo doesn't have an online structure we know fully about. Those gamers on the current systems using Live/PSN are not going to be easily swayed just because they are now offering the same games. It is more than about just being a game available on their system.

JellyJelly2291d ago

I feel it's too early to speculate until we have seen Sonys and MS's next gen machines.

sway_z2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )


Wait a sec here...I was vague on that 'Nintendo running their own race' thingy...I was actually being respectful as I like Nintendo as a company (not necessarily a fan of their casual orientated/family culture/direction), yet you seem up in arms....just chill matey.

Zombie U is an unknown quantity as its yet to be released....Ninja Gaiden is no AAA title I assure you....and Zelda (although) great to it's fan base, is hardly THE franchise to convert the masses....who seem to want (pains me to admit) the COD'S/BF's/HALO's/ Uncharted's/Last of Us's...and other mainstream key franchises.....


Not to take anything away from Ninty, but since you called it...let the truth be known.....

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