The Technical Artistry of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and What It Means for Next-Gen

It's hard to take anything Hideo Kojima says about Metal Gear at face value, but there's a chance he was speaking out of sincerity when he told the audience at PAX that the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes demo was running on a PC that parallels current-gen hardware. Of course, there were some elements that looked next-gen, but for every wrinkle, reflection, and raindrop, there were tells that yes, in fact, a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 can produce graphics that look this good.

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Eyesoftheraven2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

I'll bite, but only because Kojima Productions is throwing the bait.

Nexgensensation2172d ago

it means nex gen games should look like ground zero or better.

TheMailman2172d ago

Assuming that PS3 and Xbox 360 are equal in power is a bad starting point for this discussing..

Mr Tretton2172d ago

It means the PC version of GZ will look like that. Consoles will be handicapped as usual.

doogiebear2172d ago

Hey clown, did u even read the article? N4G is just full of morons -_-

Reaper99372172d ago

If games for next gen look similar to MGS GZ, then I will be disappointed. The Luminous and Unreal 4 engine tech demos, that's next gen not this.

SAE2172d ago

so you want the games to be more realistic then GZ >.< ...

it looks stunning , it's a ps3 game so ofcours next generation will be better but don't expect anything because in the end you will be disappointed , just wait for them and accept what they have done to them because you can't change it ...

Sarcasm2172d ago

So it was announced as a current gen project, with the hardware of the PC its running on with similar specs to current gen consoles, yet giving yourself a headache that "next gen" games will look similar to this?

I'm pretty sure nobody has really see anything truly next-gen, that or nothing has been leaked.

And I agree though that the UE4 tech demos looked amazing.